What's In My Florida Beauty Bag

6 September 2015

Aside from the obvious (SPF, a conditioner to combat the humidity etc), there are a few items that I like to pack in my beauty bag when travelling to the United States. Here are my essential contents.

Base wise, I always purchase a tube of my trusty Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Matifying Fluid if I'm travelling somewhere hot. Not only does this leave my skin feeling hydrated, my makeup sits on it beautifully and I'm fairly sure that by being matte, it extends the longevity of my foundation. Regardless of if you're visiting a warmer climate, if you struggle with oily skin I'd recommend giving this a go. I'm also packing two newly discovered base essentials of mine, the Make Up For Ever Hydrating Primer and Mist & Fix Setting Spray. I find that when paired together, these help my foundation to stay in place really well throughout the day, so fingers crossed they work as well in Florida.

In terms of makeup I'm hoping to keep things as simple as possible (the less I put on my face, the less there is to slide off in the heat!), but I'll be taking my beloved MAC Whirl Lip Liner with me for a pop of colour. I'm a little bit wary that lipsticks might melt in the heat, but this liner will last me through even the messiest of meals.

In the 'doesn't fit in to a category' category there are two essentials. The first is a medium sized Wet Brush. I honestly can't brush my hair with anything else these days, so I bought this slightly smaller version to take on my travels with me. This Wet Brush works just as well as the full sized, and I'd definitely recommend it for taming your locks. The last item is one that I wouldn't leave home without, an anti-bacterial hand gel. There will be lots of opportunities to pick up germs (railings, doors etc) in theme parks visited by thousands of people every day, plus lots of sticky ice-cream eating, so I like to have a pocketbac in my bag at all times. I'll be stocking up on some more of these in Bath & Body Works.


  1. You are definitely very restrained in terms of beauty! I wish I was this good at packing. x


  2. I'm so gutted I didn't buy this when it came out, or the bag full of pixie dust one. I am going to buy the one that just says 'pixie dust' though I think.

    Victoria x

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