The Make Up For Ever Foundation Sandwich

5 August 2015

The Make Up For Ever foundation sandwich is a bit of a lengthy title, but it's a pretty apt description for my new favourite base trio. It took me forever to try MUFE HD foundation, but now that it's in my life it's a great substitute for my absolute favourite (but hard to get) Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.

Worn on it's own, the HD foundation gives a satin finish which is nice, but not a game changer. However, sandwiched between the Hydrating Primer and Mist & Fix setting spray it's incredible. The formula looks matte, but my skin still has a healthy inner glow, and it lasts all day. Even when I'm wearing my glasses, the foundation on my nose sits intact, which never happens. This is a hefty, full coverage foundation so concealer isn't really needed - other than for highlighting - and it's perfect for special occasions where cameras will be flashing.

I credit the first step of this trio, the Hydrating Primer, as not only the perfect tool for a smooth base, but also for being the only primer which I actually want to use on a daily basis (I'm normally terrible for neglecting primer). I don't have a massive problem with my pores so I can't comment on how it helps with that issue, but I love how soft this primer makes my skin feel. It has an almost velvet-like texture which the HD foundation sits really well on.

The third step, Mist & Fix, is like no other. It's seriously the perfect setting spray. It doesn't soften my makeup like my beloved MAC Fix+, but it makes sure that it doesn't budge all day long, so I tend to use the two together. If you're looking for a setting spray which will give you incredible staying power, give Mist & Fix a go. I've since ordered full sizes of this setting spray and the primer, so they'll be staying in my life for the foreseeable future.

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