Lush Online Haul

23 August 2015

After reading a few blog posts about the new Oxford Street Lush range now being available online, I decided to place an order. I'd only ever ordered from Lush online once before, but it took around four working days for my order to arrive via standard delivery. Lush believe in naked packaging, so the products aren't wrapped in anything on arrival. Unfortunately a couple of my Bubble Bars didn't make it here in the best shape, but they still smelt positively dreamy, so that's what counts! I'm saving these goodies for a warm bath on a rainy day, but here are my first impressions.

Bath Bombs.
I only ordered one bath bomb this time, and that was Twilight. This will supposedly turn my bath water a deep purple colour with a lavender scent. Apparently Twilight is good for helping with sleeping problems, so fingers crossed on that one.

Bubble Bars.
Most of the bubble bars that I bought are new to me, starting off with Milky Bath. The design of this is adorable, I love the silver bottle cap. Milky Bath is orange scented (one of my favourite fragrances), so I'm excited to give this a go. Another new purchase is Pink Flamingo. I won't lie, this was ordered purely for how flipping cute it is, who doesn't want to dip a flamingo on a stick in to their bath? From what I can gather, this is basically a cocktail for your tub, which sounds perfect for a pre-night out scrub to me. The third new bubble bar in my order was the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon. Not only does this look like a rather convincing macaron, it also smells of a rather heavenly chocolate and orange combination. If I can't have Terry's then this will do nicely.

I re-ordered two of my all time favourite Lush products too, the Creamy Candy and the Comforter bubble bars. Both smell incredibly sweet (Creamy Candy is the same scent as the Christmas legend that is Snow Fairy, whilst the Comforter is a gorgeous fruity bergamot blend), give me plenty of bubbles, and feel like a truly relaxing treat to use in my tub. Creamy Candy has been reformulated too, so it's now a much brighter shade of pink. I find that I get two or three baths out of each bubble bar, so although they're on the pricey side at around £5 a pop, they're worth the cost.

Show Creams.
Finally we're on to the purchases that I was most excited about, two of Lush's new shower creams. I went for my beloved the Comforter scent, as well as Yuzu and Cocoa. The Comforter smells exactly the same as the bubble bar, so if you like that (and lets be honest, who doesn't?) then you'll love the shower cream. Yuzu and Cocoa once again has that delicious blend of chocolate and orange. I'll mainly be using these products as shower gels, but it's nice to have the scents corresponding with my bubble bath.

I sometimes struggle to find products - other than the Comforter and Snow Fairy - that I love from Lush, so it's really nice to see that they're expanding their range. Now that I've built my stocks up again, my next big purchase will most likely be from their Christmas collection. Roll on November!


Thank you for all of your comments - I read and appreciate every one :)