Gravity Defying Cake

19 August 2015

My Mum & I saw (and loved) Holly Bell's gravity defying cakes on This Morning recently. We decided to give one a go for my sisters birthday, so here's the easy-peasy cheat guide.
We began our lazy cake with a couple of pre-made Victoria sponges from the supermarket. We used Betty Crocker chocolate icing (I could eat this by the bucket) to 'glue' chocolate fingers around the outside of the cakes. These looked really sweet, but they also stopped the Maltesers from rolling off the top of the cake.

Next we sticky taped a couple of wooden barbecue skewers together and poked these in to the cake. Place your empty sweet packet on top of the stick as a guide to how high up you need to place your chocolates. Using the same method as with the chocolate fingers, we pasted the Maltesers to the skewer. This gives the gravity defying impression, as if the Maltesers are being poured from the packet and on to the cake.

Once you're finished with defying gravity (now try and get the song out of your head) spread a thin layer of your yummy icing over the top of the cake. Pour your Maltesers on to this et voila, the top of the cake is sorted. We added extra Maltesers in certain locations to pretty the cake up/hide the base.

The last step was to add a the Maltesers rolling down the side of the cake. Again, this is easy peasy. Use the Betty Crocker icing to attach the chocolates to the fingers in a trailing pattern, as if the Maltesers are spilling over the top of the cake. Place a few at the base too and you're finished!

Although it was a little time consuming and fiddly at points, creating this gravity defying cake was actually a lot simpler than I initially expected. For a first attempt I'm pretty proud of how ours turned out. The best part is that you can use the favourite kind of chocolate/sweet of whoever the cake is for to personalise it. Oh, and it tastes pretty good too.


  1. I love this idea! So simple too! I'll definitely be trying this out soon x

  2. Hey, Bel from Closet Geek here! Not stalking I promise, just didn't realise you were a blogger (me too, over at!) I made one of these cakes once and I agree, much easier than it looks but super impressive once done. Mine was Maltesers and Smarties I think. It was last year and sewing seems to have taken over from cake making!


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