My Weight Loss Jars: 3 Stone 9 lbs Lost

27 May 2015

I haven't updated on my weight loss journey since the beginning of March, when I reached the 2 stone mark. Although my pace has slowed down a little since then (as expected), I've managed to lose a further 23 lbs, bringing me to a grand total of 51 lbs lost so far in 2015.

Food wise I've stuck to having three healthy meals a day, although I have made a few too many trips to the biscuit tin lately, so I need to put a stop to that. However, the main difference that I've made to improving my health is starting swimming again. I used to love swimming regularly, but fell out of my routine whilst at university. It's the only form of exercise that I've found which doesn't aggravate my skin disease, and I'm really enjoying having a bit of 'me time' two or three nights a week to clear my mind and focus on the pool. This has definitely boosted my weekly weigh ins.

I've finally started to notice the change that weight loss is making to my body. I've dropped a few dress sizes, and had to buy some new clothes as everything was too big to continue wearing, which is a lovely feeling. Being able to physically see the difference that my routine is making to my body is a great motivator. I'm also in a much better place mentally, and have lots more energy to burn off. I'm excited to see how the next few months of my journey go; there are only three left til Florida!

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