Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

8 March 2015

After last Sunday's positively huge Harry Potter Studio Tour post, I thought that I’d share the purchases I made whilst there. Just like the rest of the tour, the shop was incredibly well themed, and the selection of merchandise for sale was brilliant. I could’ve spent a fortune, but managed to limit myself to a small (ish) selection. We received a couple of freebies (the badge as it was Animal Actors week and the bookmarks which were included in my shopping bag), but the rest of the items were priced quite highly, so make sure to take plenty of spending money with you.

My first purchase of the day was half way round the tour, where we stopped in the Backlot area and I got to try Butterbeer. My Dad treated me to a souvenir cup (£4.95), which now has pride of place on my desk. Another Potter item on my desk is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter pencil (£0.95). As I'm still scrapbooking, I bought a postcard (£0.95) to add to my February page, which features one of my favourite scenes from the film - when the first years get their very first glimpse of Hogwarts.

Although I adore the Harry Potter films, my first love is definitely the books. I have many a tattered copy littered around my house, as well as having all of them downloaded on my kindle, but I decided that I wanted to collect a fresh set which would stay in pristine condition on my bookshelf. When I spotted this hardback copy of The Philosophers Stone (£12.99) with its beautifully illustrated cover and map of the Hogwarts grounds, I couldn't resist. I'll definitely be adding the rest of the books to my basket on future trips back to the Studio Tour.
I couldn't visit the tour without buying a chocolate frog (£7.95). I’ve had one of these before, so I already knew that they were yummy, and alongside my Helga Hufflepuff card I now have Albus Dumbledore! I’m a chocolate fiend, so I decided to try a bar of Honeydukes milk chocolate (£3.95), too. I have given up chocolate for lent though, so I’ll be waiting a while to eat these. My final chocolate themed purchase of the day was a chocolate frog keyring (£8.95), which will make a really cute addition to my keys. Apparently it's scented too, but I mainly get a whiff of plastic.

My main and final purchase of the day was the Gryffindor house scarf (£26.95). Technically I’m a bit of a hatstall as Pottermore has sorted me in to both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, but I decided that rather than try and choose between the two, I’d buy one now and the other in Florida. Gryffindor won as my first choice, because burgundy is one of my favourite colours. Although it was a little pricey, I was more than happy to shell out for an official scarf, and it does feel really warm and cosy. It’s also a really good length, which I was pleased with. 

Although there was so much more that I could've bought, I'm very happy with my Harry Potter purchases. I can't wait to buy more HP goodies in Florida (where of course I'll be buying a wand!), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to visit the tour again soon.

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