Disneyland Paris: February 2015

4 March 2015

Back at the beginning of February, I paid another visit to my favourite place on earth, Disneyland Paris. We spent three nights at Hotel Cheyenne, and I enjoyed every second of the trip. I took over 900 photos whilst we were there, but I've managed to narrow it down to the snapshots in this post.
I've stayed at Hotel Cheyenne before and loved the cowboy theming, so I was really happy to be returning. The first thing I did upon our arrival was - of course - hit up the gift shop!
The first and last days of our trip were spent in the Disneyland Park. Walking down Main Street with the music playing and catching my first glimpse of the castle is my favourite thing ever, and I love seeing all the detailing that goes in to the store fronts. Our first ride of the holiday is always Pirates of the Caribbean.
"It's a world of laughter, a world of tears, it's a world of hopes and a world of fears…" 
On the first evening of our Disneyland holiday, we caught the castle lighting show, which was absolutely beautiful. It gave us a lovely taster of Dreams, which we were saving for our final night!
One of my favourite evening activities in Disneyland is taking a stroll around Disney Village. I love seeing all the lights, displays, and browsing the shops. Everything is so well thought out and painstakingly detailed, to really engross you in the Disney magic.
One of the things that really impressed me this trip was the Walt Disney Studios park. This park has always felt like a bit of an underdog in comparison to the size and content of the Disneyland park, but since the addition of the Ratatouille and Toy Story expansion it has really come in to its own, and we found ourselves spending a lot more time there.
The new Ratatouille ride was awesome, but it did leave me feeling a little motion sick!
We were lucky enough to have some great character interactions during our trip. My favourites were probably Goofy and Mickey.
Our evening stroll back from Disney Village to Hotel Cheyenne saw us passing Hotel New York. I was sad to hear that the ice skating rink would soon be no more, but I love how pretty this place looks all lit up.
We finished our last night of the holiday in the most perfect way. Dinner at the Plaza Gardens restaurant, which we timed perfectly with stepping out on to Main Street and watching the Disney Dreams show, which was mesmerising.
I absolutely loved being back in Disneyland Paris, and couldn't have asked for a more magical ending to my time there. I can't wait to be able to go back there in the future, but for now, it's time to get Florida planning.


  1. I'm off to Disneyland Paris in December and cannot wait! I've only been once before many years ago and just for one day. This time it'll be a 3 night trip with my niece and nephew so should be amazing!

    Victoria x

  2. I was there back in December '14 and it just passed soo quickly. I cannot wait to go back.
    Thanks for sharing your photos and bringing the memories flooding back :)
    Gill EyelinerFlicks

  3. That looks amazing! I don't really remember my trip to Disneyland Paris since it was so long ago but I adored my trip to Disneyworld and I really think I need to go back to Paris soon.


  4. Seeing pictures of Hotel Cheyenne (and the rest of the park) brings back some good memories. I haven't been for around 10 years now but both of the times I did visit I went with my dance school and we performed in the Fantasyland Theatre and in one of the parades. There's just one bad memory! The first time we went on the first night I was apparently bitten by a spider on the leg. We were only there for three days but by the time we headed home the bite had become infected, my leg was turning yellow and I was starting to have trouble walking! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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