What I Bought In Disneyland Paris

22 February 2015

 I'm currently working my way through my 900+ photographs from my trip to DLP to post on the blog, so I thought that in the mean time I'd share my holiday purchases. I watched plenty of Disneyland hauls before I went but struggled to find any blog posts, so hopefully this will be helpful to a few people. I was on a fairly limited budget as I'm trying to save as much spending money as possible for Florida, but in total I spent around €110 (including gifts for other people which aren't pictured).

My first purchase of the holiday was the holographic Disney Dreams notebook (€7.99). I knew that I wanted this as soon as I saw it, and think it might become my new blog planning book. I absolutely adore the Disney Dreams show, on my last two trips to Disneyland seeing it has been the highlight of each holiday. On our final night I took loads of photos of the show and fireworks, so purchased the Dreams photo album (€19.99) to store them in. There's a button on the front and when you press it, lights go off to make it look as if the fireworks are exploding, which of course I love.
Frozen mania seemed to have hit everywhere in DLP, so I bought myself this Olaf pin (€6.99) to add to my lanyard. There were loads of nice pins that I could've treated myself to, but I decided that I'd rather wait and buy a couple more in Florida. I couldn't say no to Olaf though, and it's becoming a bit of a tradition for me to buy a pin each trip! Another item which always makes its way home with me is Disney chocolate. It's my absolute favourite, so I stocked up on character chocolate coins (€2.99) to have as a treat every now and then.
The one area of merchandise which I was a little disappointed with in Disneyland was the princess selection. Everything was Frozen mad, and every other princess (including Ariel, my favourite) seemed to be a little neglected. I did get a princess pen (€2.99) though, to go with my new notebook, and the adorable princess heart (€5.99) for my handbag, which folds out to be a handy mirror and hair brush. My little sister got me the princess postcard (€2) for my scrapbook, as it reminded her of the Dreams show that we both loved so much.
My final two purchases of the holiday are possibly my favourites. I absolutely love the Nightmare Before Christmas, and was really pleased to see so much merchandise related to the film. There was lots that I could've bought, but in the end I went for these beautifully illustrated playing cards (€12.99). I'm very competitive, so I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of them! Finally, just before we left Disney Village on our last night, my Mum spotted the Mickey Mouse backpack (€29.99). I'd been using a backpack of my brothers for the parks and had said that I needed to buy one for Florida, so this is perfect. I absolutely love the print on it, although I'm a little terrified that it'll end up filthy by the end of the holiday! It's nicely padded, so it'll be great for carrying around my camera and plenty of water.
I'm really happy with all of my holiday purchases. Normally I can tend to go a little overboard with Disney merchandise (especially mugs, I'm a mug fiend and don't even drink hot drinks!), but this trip I chose to buy myself gifts which I'll get plenty of use out of. Lets see if that restraint holds up for Florida...


  1. I am officially obsessed with those decks of cards!
    I would probably spend just as much or even more :)

    Allie | RainyAllie

  2. Cute buys, I love the hairbrush and mirror heart!

    Sophie x

  3. Everything you got is so cute! I especially love the Nightmare Before Christmas playing cards!
    Emily / http://www.lacarmella.co.uk x

  4. Oh my gosh I am so jealous! I've never been to any of the Disneylands!


  5. Oh wow, you bought some awesome things! I especially love the playing cards!
    This post has gotten me super excited as I am going to WDW in September and anything Disney related puts a massive smile on my face - Thanks! :)
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