My Desk

25 February 2015

Since I graduated in July 2012, my desk has been acting as a makeup application station. However, I recently made the decision that at some point in the next eighteen months I'd like to take myself back to university, and in an effort to begin preparations, I started collecting items to make my desk more 'desky'.
I started off with a H&M order, which included this toothbrush mug (£4.99) for my pens, and a couple of these wire baskets (£7.99). One of the baskets now houses my skin care on top of my muji drawers, and the other is the perfect size for all of my washi tape, stickers and other craft items which I use for my Project Life scrapbook. H&M have a great selection of homeware, so I'd definitely recommend checking them out if you're looking to update your space on a budget.

The next purchase was my lamp (£24.99) from Homebase. In case you hadn't guessed, I'm loving the copper theme that's everywhere at the moment, so this lamp was the perfect addition to my desk. In the evening I really enjoy reading at my desk, as the lamp throws out just enough light without seeming too artificial. I bought the To Do pad in Tesco, and the sections are really useful for maintaining a blogging/work/life divide.
Whilst I'm waiting for some shelves to be put up above my desk, my Tsum Tsum are currently stacked up next to my to do list!
Overall I've spent around £70 on updating my desk, but it now fits with my room perfectly, and feels like somewhere that I could get some serious studying done. I don't have the most space in the world, but I can comfortably work off my Macbook with a book or two by the side, so that's perfect for me! I haven't entirely given up my beauty space however; my Muji drawers are still stacked up in the corner. So, if I ever fancy a break from revision, there's always the option of a lipstick swatching session.


  1. I'm so nosey, I love seeing how people arrange their set ups :) I saw this lamp recently on Magpie Jasmines blog and totally fell in love with it.
    Love all the Disney bits too, I'm a complete addict. Good luck with whatever you choose to study x
    Gill ¦ Gill: EyelinerFlicks

  2. Your desk is so cute! I'm obsessed with copper at the moment, so that wire basket & lamp are absolutely gorgeous x

    The Sunday Chapter

  3. such a cute desk, and I am in love with your lamp! I'm in the process of 'trying' to organize my desk. Just bought a tray for it, and now you can actually see the desk itself! Haha.

  4. I love all the coppery details. I think it might be time to spruce up my desk as well :)

  5. Your desk area is too cute and I'm obsessed with that copper lamp!


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