MAC Diva Lipstick

5 November 2014

MAC Diva Lipstick Review L'amour Josie
It's got to have been at least a month since I last raved about a seasonally appropriate lip colour, so here's the latest addition to the autumn/winter lineup. If there was one thing that I probably didn't need in my collection, it would have to be another vampy red lipstick. However, I've had my eye on MAC Diva Lipstick for the longest time, so when I accumulated enough empty packaging to trade in for a new lipstick as part of the Back to MAC scheme, Diva ended up coming home with me.

Diva is a matte, burgundy red lipstick, which actually doesn't appear to be too cool toned, a bonus if you're not in to that kind of thing. If you're looking for a dramatic dark lipstick, Diva is the one to go for. Because of the depth of the colour, Diva is a very in-your-face shade which I wouldn't normally be brave enough to pull off. However, come Autumn I'm wearing this lipstick throughout the day, or on a rare night out. If you're looking for something more wearable than a full on vampy lip, there's always the option to sheer this shade out with your fingertip. 

In terms of texture, Diva is another of MAC's matte lipsticks, meaning that it's really long lasting. I can get around five hours wear out of this lipstick before it needs reapplying, however I do have one issue slight issue. I find that this isn't the creamiest of formulas (even in comparison to other MAC matte lipsticks that I own), so I always make sure to apply a layer of lip balm underneath.

If you're looking to transition to a darker lip for winter, I'd definitely recommend this shade. For now I promise to hold off with the vampy lip ravings…


  1. Ah I love this photo set up! So pretty. The lipstick looks like a perfect winter colour! I always wear lip balm underneath lipstick so I don't mind when lipsticks aren't as creamy :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Oooh this looks like such a gorgeous colour, especially for A/W! Love it! xo

  3. I've wanted diva for ages! The colour is just gorgeous! <3

  4. Oh my Oh my, Now thats one beautiful shade !! 💓
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. I love Mac Diva but like you I do find it slightly drying compared to other Matte formulas <3 its a gorgeous shade tho! xx | Giveaway

  6. This is such a beautiful lipstick and definitely one I need to add to my collection.

  7. Gorgeous colour! One of my best friends has this and I'm always staring at it longingly...may have to treat myself :)

    Heidi || ♡

  8. This colour is lovely! I love darker shades xx

  9. Diva has always been the one I've had my eye on. My mother bought it for a wedding or something once and she wasn't a huge fan of using it daily, so she gave to to me, but I lost it! I've considered buying it again but Mac is so expensive in the UK (even more than at home in Canada) and I'm not super into lip products, so I keep holding off. Love it, though.

    Aisling | aisybee.

  10. Omg. Love the colour of this lipstick! Must get it xo
    >Beauty & Fashion Blogger<

  11. Such a gorgeous colour, I wish I was brave enough to wear it haha -- maybe one day :)

    Kinza x

  12. Wow 5 hours it lasts! That's amazing and this shade is perfect for autumn i love it x


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