The Birthday Scent: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

12 November 2014

L'amour Josie Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Review
First things first, happy birthday to me! Today I've reached the grand old age of 24, so I decided to treat myself to a bottle of perfume to mark the occasion. Almost two years ago I mentioned this fragrance as one of my top three in this post, so what better choice than a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum.

There is something about Chanel products that screams luxury, and this bottle is no exception. The packaging is exquisite: from the frosted glass lid to the gold accents, Coco Mademoiselle has an iconic, instantly recognisable shape and design. Coco Mademoiselle has been a permanent fixture in the Chanel fragrance lineup since the early noughties, when it was introduced to appeal to a younger audience than some of the brands other signature scents.

The majority of notes in this fragrance are a combination of fruity and floral (orange, mandarin, iris etc along with my all time favourite, bergamot), however there is enough of an undertone of musk and vanilla that Coco Mademoiselle doesn't smell too 'young'. This perfume is a truly intricate blend of notes which work together to create the perfect scent, which lasts all day long. Many a time I've woken up still able to smell this perfume on my skin.

Although Coco Mademoiselle is pricey, it's my all time favourite perfume and perfect for Autumn/Winter. The lasting power combined with the strength of the fragrance means that a little goes a long way, and I can see myself repurchasing Coco Mademoiselle for years to come.

Another Sephora Haul

9 November 2014

L'amour Josie Sephora Haul
After discovering how easy it was to ship Sephora goodies to the UK, a second order was bound to happen. I'm now on a spending ban (*cries*) as I'm saving for my Florida trip next year, but before I put the ban in place I couldn't resist one last treat. Here's the rundown of what I purchased this time round.

The product that started it all off was the BlenderCleanser. Yes, I know it's available over here, but if I can accumulate Beauty Insider points for the purchase then why not? I'm really looking forward to using this as I've fallen head over heels for my BeautyBlender. Speaking of products available over here, I repurchased my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation. I now have three tubes of this just in case, as QVC don't carry my shade. If you're looking for a flawless finish, I couldn't recommend this base enough.

Once I'd committed to placing an order, I started browsing Sephora's holiday gift section. The set that stood out for me was Too Faced's Melted Kisses quartet. I'd wanted to try their Melted lipsticks for so long, and every colour in this set was one that I'd mentally added to my shopping basket. I'm going to hold off posting about these until Blogmas (yes, it's happening again), but let me tell you, the pigmentation of these is unreal. While we're on the subject of lips, another product that I've wanted to try for a while is an OCC Lip Tar. I went for the shade Hush (a nude, who'd have thought it), I'll report back on this once I've given it a fair trial.

The last full size product which I added to my order was a last minute buy, but I'm so excited to try this. The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer in Tantric has been on my radar ever since Essie Button raved about it, and I just love the size and packaging. There is a ginormous mirror inside, and the shade looks to be the perfect not too warm, not too grey bronze. Finally, I used a promotion code to receive a miniature Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. This is yet another product that I've really been wanting to try, so having a mini version is a great way to test it out before I commit to a full sized product.

Once again, I was really impressed with the speed and ease of shipping my order to the UK. If you want the rundown on taxes/timescales then check out my previous post here, but for now you'll catch me browsing the Sephora website and mentally adding items to my Florida basket.

MAC Diva Lipstick

5 November 2014

MAC Diva Lipstick Review L'amour Josie
It's got to have been at least a month since I last raved about a seasonally appropriate lip colour, so here's the latest addition to the autumn/winter lineup. If there was one thing that I probably didn't need in my collection, it would have to be another vampy red lipstick. However, I've had my eye on MAC Diva Lipstick for the longest time, so when I accumulated enough empty packaging to trade in for a new lipstick as part of the Back to MAC scheme, Diva ended up coming home with me.

Diva is a matte, burgundy red lipstick, which actually doesn't appear to be too cool toned, a bonus if you're not in to that kind of thing. If you're looking for a dramatic dark lipstick, Diva is the one to go for. Because of the depth of the colour, Diva is a very in-your-face shade which I wouldn't normally be brave enough to pull off. However, come Autumn I'm wearing this lipstick throughout the day, or on a rare night out. If you're looking for something more wearable than a full on vampy lip, there's always the option to sheer this shade out with your fingertip. 

In terms of texture, Diva is another of MAC's matte lipsticks, meaning that it's really long lasting. I can get around five hours wear out of this lipstick before it needs reapplying, however I do have one issue slight issue. I find that this isn't the creamiest of formulas (even in comparison to other MAC matte lipsticks that I own), so I always make sure to apply a layer of lip balm underneath.

If you're looking to transition to a darker lip for winter, I'd definitely recommend this shade. For now I promise to hold off with the vampy lip ravings…

Do I Need an Allure Subscription?

2 November 2014

Allure Subscription Magazine UK L'amour Josie
One magazine that I've seen popping up more on British beauty blogs recently is Allure. Allure is an American magazine entirely dedicated to beauty, jam packed with the latest hair, skin care and make up news. There's a little bit of a gap in the market for this kind of publication in the UK, so I've got the lowdown if you're considering taking out a subscription.

An international 12 month Allure subscription retails for $40/£25. This includes delivery, and works out at just over £2 an issue, which I feel is a great price, considering that most British magazines cost more than that to purchase in your local newsagent. It regularly features innovative beauty products, and I find a lot of their makeup recommendations to be really helpful. Most issues feature a tips page, and so far Allure has helped me to master eyeliner, a bronzed glow and surfer girl hair (seriously).

My only gripe with Allure is the volume of advertisements. I'd say a good 30% of the content is one advert or another, which is a little bit of a pain when you're trying to read the articles. It also makes me feel like I'm gutting less value for money; I'd love it if Allure would cut the advertisements and increase the readable content. On the plus side though, you'll always know what the latest beauty releases will be, because they're advertised on the other side of the pond first.

All in all, Allure is a nice monthly treat to arrive at my door. I'm uncertain whether I'll renew my subscription because a lot of the articles can be found online and I do find the amount of advertisements frustrating. However, if you're looking for a magazine filled with great visuals and interesting beauty related articles, then give it a go.