The Wet Brush

15 October 2014

The Wet Brush Review L'amour Josie
If someone had said to me six months ago that I'd soon be replacing my beloved Tangle Teezer, I would've told them that it was never going to happen. However, fast forward to today and that tool is sitting neglected, and I'm finally enjoying brushing my hair again. It's all thanks to The Wet Brush - probably my favourite beauty discovery of the year so far.

As someone with fine, bleached hair, caring for my locks is up at the top of my beauty priorities list. When my hair started snapping excessively at the beginning of September I went in to serious panic mode: booking an emergency cut with the hairdressers, upping the intense conditioning and researching hair growth supplements. As a result of my research I placed an order for my yellow Wet Brush, and I haven't picked up another hairbrush since.

The premise of The Wet Brush is that it's designed using innovative intelliflex technology, meaning that the bristles somehow know when to bend. As bizarre as it sounds, somehow it just works. I'm so impressed by how gentle this brush feels on my hair. After spending many years using tools that constantly get caught on lugs and pull on my hair, the Wet Brush glides through my mane easily. Science aside, this is a really well designed hairbrush. I wasn't expecting it to be that big, but it's actually the perfect size for holding in my hand and getting through a full head of hair. It feels lightweight, plus it's a luxury to use a hairbrush with a proper handle to hold again! I opted for the yellow brush because it's my favourite colour, but it's available in plenty of shades to suit everyone's taste.

I can't praise The Wet Brush enough for the difference that it's made to my hair; I've noticed a serious reduction in the amount of breakage that I've been experiencing. It works well on either wet or dry hair, and so far I haven't had any issues from using it with my hairdryer. If you're someone who struggles with a knotty mane, or you're looking for something that's a little more gentle on your locks, pop one of these in to your Cult Beauty basket - I promise that you'll be impressed.


  1. I thought that the Wet Brush was a complete farce when I saw it but caved and picked it up in the US for a few dollars and can't believe for what is possibly a 'cheap' looking brush is something truly amazing! I wouldn't use anything else now.

    Victoria x

  2. This sounds great!Let's stay in contact via GFC G+ Bloglovin. Will add you back :)

  3. It sounds amazing, I love it!

  4. I have also replaced my Tangle Teezer with a Wet brush and never looked back. I never realized they came in yello; I will have to take a closee look at the colors! Great post!

    Abby from Abby Talks

  5. Ooo so need to try this! Love love love your blog! X

  6. i want it so bad! xx

  7. I find it hard to believe I'll ever part with my tangle teezer, but this may just be the one!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. I've never tried the tangle teaser nor the wer brush but they both look great :)

    xx Cecil //


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