22 October 2014

BeautyBlender Review L'amour Josie Beauty Blender
It's time to talk about yet another product that's been raved about in the beauty community for years, that I didn't take the plunge with until recently: The Original BeautyBlender. I'd tried several of the BeautyBlender dupes in the past, but none of them really did anything for me. On a whim last month I decided to give the original a go, and now I finally understand the hype that surrounds this little sponge.

My main concerns (which I'm sure a few people share with me) prior to purchasing this sponge were the cost, and hygiene. Firstly, the BeautyBlender retails in the UK for £15. Having used my sponge, I actually think that this price is very reasonable, and is much lower than the cost of some foundation brushes which give comparable results. I've been using my BeautyBlender almost every day for over a month now and haven't seen a drop in the quality, so I'm hoping to get a good six months use out of this sponge (if not longer). For hygiene purposes I have been storing my BeautyBlender in the plastic tub that it arrived in, and have ordered the BlenderCleanser. I've given my sponge a quick clean with my Dr. Bronner , and although I've not quite managed to restore it to its pre-use glory, it's looking pretty good. The pink dye did bleed a little during washing, but hopefully it'll be okay in the future.

When my BeautyBlender first arrived, I was surprised by how small it is. However, when soaked in water the sponge doubles to around twice the size, making it perfect for speedily covering my face. Because the BeautyBlender is full of water, foundation doesn't absorb in to the sponge, meaning that you're not wasting any product. The round bottom of the sponge is the ideal shape and size for stippling foundation on with to give a really airbrushed finish. My base has never looked as natural as it does when applied with my BeautyBlender. I like to use the pointed top of the sponge for smaller, harder to reach areas which require a little more precision, i.e. around the nose and under the eyes.

I've tried using my BeautyBlender with several foundations, but I definitely prefer the results given when used with fuller coverage bases such as my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. It manages to make this base look lighter and more natural than when applied with a brush, whilst still giving me decent coverage. I couldn't be happier with my BeautyBlender, and 100% understand why this is such a well loved tool. If you're looking for a flawless base without having to layer on too much product, give this sponge a go.


  1. Beauty Blenders are the best, I prefer using this then a brush to blend my foundation

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've been using a Beauty Blender for about a year now, and loved it. but now i just really want to try out the real thing

  3. This is something I've wanted to try forever, I don't know why I've put it off for so long.


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