Tweezerman Pink Perfection Petite Tweeze Set

30 July 2014

lamour josie tweezerman pink perfection sephora tweezer set review
I never imagined that I'd want to write an entire post dedicated to a set of tweezers, but it's happening. For the longest time I've been using the cheapest tweezers that I could find to pluck stray hairs, but finally I decided that I couldn't resist this hot pink duo, and the rest is history.

The star of the Tweezerman Pink Perfection Petite Tweeze Set for me is definitely the slant tweezer. I'm so impressed by how sharp this tweezer is, initially hairs were snapping before I had chance to pull them out (I was used to using more blunt tweezers which require a heavy handed grip). They're wide enough that even with my terrible vision it's a task to miss the target hair, making plucking an easy task.

I've yet to master the point tweezer (mainly due to the aforementioned terrible eyesight), as they offer a much smaller surface area to grab hairs with. I've never really used this shape tweezer before, but when I have occasionally reached for this pair, even the teeny, tiniest hair comes straight out. 

This duo is great because whichever shape tweezer you favour, you're covered. They're pretty, precise, incredibly sharp and make plucking hairs a relatively pain free experience. This Tweezerman set is definitely worth the extra investment if you're looking to invest in some high quality tools which will stand the test of time.


  1. These look really nice...I've only got a £1.50 pair of tweezers from Boots and they do the job, although it's probably better for the delicate hairs around my eyebrow if I use something of much better quality haha! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. I've never tried a tweezerman but I think I'll have to. This duo sounds great! xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. I have a pair of tweezermans and eversince i've used them, I have never gone back to ordinary tweezers. I think they are definitely worth the money and I can grab onto every little hair that I need it to :) does its job perfectly! This colour is really pretty and I ought to try out the point tweezers soon!

    Thanks for sharing, Have a great day :)

    Y i n g || ~* YingcBeauty *~
    X x X x X

  4. I have owned this set for quite awhile and understand why it deserves a whole post. These are amazing and such a great value!

  5. I absolutely DESPISE plucking my eyebrows, I always end up teary eyed and weirdly, sneezing a lot! So for me, this is kinda a God send! xxx

  6. I adore my mini tweezerman tweezers, they work like a charm !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  7. I've had a pair of these tweezers for years so can definitely vouch for how fab they are too! x

    The Belle Narrative

  8. I really want to try some Tweezermans!


  9. What is the exact color of the tweezerman petite set? Are they pink or red? Because they look red from the pics you posted up?

  10. They are a bright dark pink

  11. Ok, Thanks Josie...BTW love the website. I can find these at sephora, correct?


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