MAC x Kelly Osbourne - Dodgy Girl

20 July 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Lipstick Review Swatch L'amour Josie
Despite the hype around the MAC and Osbourne mother/daughter collaboration, I was initially pretty disinterested. Don't get me wrong, I like the Osbournes, but I've grown ambivalent towards MAC's limited edition collections. They're difficult to get hold of, and tend to just feature the same old products. Fast forward a few weeks from the release and I was having a swatching session at a MAC counter in York when I spotted Dodgy Girl. I've got a little bit of a thing for purple based lipsticks at the minute - plus who could resist that gorgeous packaging? - so of course it came home with me.

Dodgy Girl is the exact shade of lipstick that I would design to encompass Kelly Osbourne's style (and trademark lilac hair). MAC describe it as a light lavender, and whilst on darker skin it does pull more towards the pink side of things, on my fairer skin Dodgy Girl is most definitely a bold lavender. I've been pairing it with simple eye makeup in the day, and actually I've been surprised by quite how wearable it is. Normally brighter lip colours can tend to wash me out, but there is just enough of a cool undertone in Dodgy Girl to avoid this.

Dodgy Girl is a matte finish lipstick, meaning that it has some serious lasting power. I get a good five hours wear (unless I'm doing some extreme eating and drinking) before I feel the need to top up, but unlike other matte lipsticks I haven't found this shade to be at all drying on me. In fact, Dodgy Girl feels creamier when applied than other MAC lipsticks I've tried. If you can track this shade down, then I'd definitely recommend giving a lavender lip a go.


  1. I absolutely love this shade! I really want it but it's been sold out in my nearest store forever. I love the shade Riot House too.

  2. One of my favourite shades!! I'm loving purple lips at the moment and this one actually looks quite wearable.

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  3. This looks like a very pretty shade, by the time I got to Mac most of the Kelly collection was sold out. So I opted for the Sharon Quad which I have been loving

  4. Such a stunning colour! Wish I had known about this collection before it was all sold out!

    Sam xo sjmcdf xo

  5. Love the packaging for this collection, I wish I could pull off a purple lip but I'm a bit too scared.. Then again I was scared about wearing red lipstick and I love it now, so I'll have to man up one day and try it! xxx


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