The Essential Eye Brushes: MAC 266 & LY24

18 February 2014

Everyone knows that when it comes to eyeshadow, the Mac 217 is the boss. But what about the other brushes that finish off an eye look? I've selected the two essentials from my collection - the Louise Young LY24 Sable Fine Liner Brush and the MAC 266 Small Angle Brush.

What do they do?
The LY24 is an incredibly fine eye liner brush. In the top photo it's loaded up with black gel liner, so it looks thicker than it actually is, but it's actually the finest liner brush I've managed to find. Despite being fine, it's also firm enough to make applying liner a doodle - just place it on it's side and drag it along the lash line. 
The 266 is the most precise angle brush I've come across. I primarily use it to fill in my brows (it's a great shape for this as it's quite narrow, so you won't go overboard), but it's also great for dragging shadow up along the lash line. This brush is slim but solid, and like the LY24 is made of natural hair.

Why do you need them?
They're the best at what they do. I've used more purse friendly versions (Ecotools, Real Techniques etc), but they just don't allow for the precision that the MAC and Louise Young equivalents do. If you struggle with applying eye makeup, as I do, these brushes will make the job a whole lot easier! They're easy to keep clean with a bit of Dr. Bronner, and will last a good few years if they're properly looked after (unless you lose them, like I did with my first LY24).

Louise Young LY24 - £11.00 & MAC 266 - £16.50.


  1. Great post - I'm on the hunt for some new brushes so I'll have a look at these x


  2. I love the 266 brush. I got given it and started using it for my brows thinking it was bad I was using an eyeliner brush hahah! This was before I heard about the hype around it xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  3. I love the Mac 217, cant get enough of it! x

  4. I love using the 266 for my brows, and I think it makes doing an eyeliner flick really easy! I really struggle if I use other brushes! I've always wanted to try the Louise Young brushes too - maybe I'll invest! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  5. Eye shadow brushes are one thing that I haven't bought extremely good quality for. Because I use a lot of urban decay palettes I use them quite a lot and they aren't very good considering the shadows.

  6. First I need to tell you I love the background of the photo, one of my bedroom's walls is panted very similar, only the stripes go vertically (very random weird comment).
    I always want to try new Mac brushes because Im know they are great quality, but I never know which one to get!
    So this post is really helpful, thank you :)
    Have an amazing day!

  7. I've heard a lot about the Louise Young brush and really want to try it! I feel like I need to try the MAC 217 as I must be the only person not to haha xx

    Abby |

  8. I've literally been on a hunt for a lovely liner brush and a good angled brush, you've sold them to me!

    Sophie x

  9. Great post, need to buy these! xxx


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