Sensational Sugar Plum Gel Polish

25 January 2014

Sensationail Sugar Plum Gel Polish
It's no secret that I love a good nail polish. Now, promise me a manicure that dries instantly, stays cheap free for two weeks and has the glossiest of finishes (so glossy that it is in fact a total pain to photograph), and we're on to a winner. I was lucky enough to receive a Sensationail Starter Kit for Christmas, which included the shade Sugar Plum.

The first thing that I should mention about Sensationail is how easy it is to use. My starter kit contained everything I needed to get going, and the application process is simple to follow. It involves lightly buffing the nail, then cleansing and applying primer, followed by your base coat, colour and top coat, before finally cleansing again. The polish layers need to be cured for between thirty and sixty seconds, using the included LED lamp. The whole application process takes around half an hour - as long as you can do an okay job of painting your nails, you'll be fine.

Although Sugar Plum looks like a true postbox red in the above photo, I'd say that in most lights it's a deep plum. It's a beautiful, classic shade which is really easy to wear. The formula is very easy to work with, it's not too thick, and two coats gives you an opaque finish. The first time that I wore this polish, it lasted for a good two weeks on my nails with no chipping. One corner did start to peel, but that was about the extent of the damage. 

I'm super impressed by my first Sensationail experience, my polish look shiny and it's lovely not having to worry about chipped nails. I'll definitely be investing in a few more gel paints.


  1. Such a gorgeous colour xx

  2. I really want to try the Sensational kit - heard so many good reviews on it. Your nails look lovely! Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  3. thank for visiting my blog.,
    Unfortunately We are not obliged to wear nail polish. But that's pretty!

  4. This polish is beautiful would be perfect for valentines day x

  5. Such a beautiful colour!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  6. beautiful color!
    lovely blog!
    following u dear!

  7. Yeah, it really sucks! I looks quite pretty so I figure I'll use it anyway and just have to get used to the scent.

    Beautiful nails! What a colour!

    Kat B
    Katience DK

  8. absolutely gorgeous colour hun ,
    love the ring too !!
    The Inked Blonde

  9. love the boldness of this! :)
    anyway, i really hope you can join my international giveaway!

  10. I saw this in the shops and thought it looked so good! Good hear it lasts a long time. I usually change my nail varnish about twice a week though because I get bored of the colour, so not sure it would work for me!

    vNatalie | Just a Thought

  11. I'm a complete sucker for nail polish, too! This looks amazing...

    x Michelle |

  12. This is such a pretty color! I really love red nail polishes because they really pop, and this one looks really amazing!
    Great post and blog! (:

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  13. I love your blog

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