Blogmas Day 8: Winter Woolies

8 December 2013

Now that the temperature has dropped, I'm layering like there's no tomorrow. I don't normally share 'fashion' posts, but I'm a big fan of Winter woolies, so thought I'd share a few of my recent purchases with you all.

Clothing wise, I love cable knit jumpers, mens ones in particular are great as they're so comfy. Plus, my mantra when it comes to knitwear is the bigger the better. The green jumper pictured above is from F&F at Tesco, easy peasy to add in to your online grocery order.

As for accessories, I'm all about the tartan scarves this year. I'm currently have four in my collection - somebody stop me - I love how they manage make any outfit look a little more chic. Zara have a great scarf selection priced around the £20 mark (including the green one pictured above), but for a more purse friendly option I bought this red tartan scarf for £8 from Matalan. For hats I've once again gone to the mens section - this time River Island for the navy oversized freshman hat. It keeps my head lovely and warm, whilst managing to fit all of my hair under, which is no easy task! The grey bobble number was gifted from a friend and is from Asos

Last but not least, lets talk about socks. I could write a whole post (or blog) dedicated to socks, but my all time favourites have to be these from Joules. I have several pairs in different colours, but they are seriously the comfiest, toastiest thing you'll ever put on your feet. They're a little on the pricey side, but they'll last forever, and they're my favourite thing to cosy up in through the Winter. Just make sure to keep the pedi's up...

This is day 8 of Blogmas 2013. To view all of my other Blogmas posts, click here.


  1. Those socks are amazing! I love fluffy comfy socks, even in bed :) Great post x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Green jumper is lovely! I'm obsessed with Tartan at the moment - the scarf is lovelyy x

  3. I looove the tartan scarves! I'm being really budgety this year and even though I told myself I wouldn't buy any, I caved and brought one from Primark (£4 could have been worse, I guess)

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  4. Im still looking for the perfect tartan scarf :D
    xx Stephanie (

  5. Real cute love the scarf. Have a great week keep in touch.

  6. I have a couple of pairs of the Joules socks - I agree, comfiest socks ever! I got my first pair at Olympia Horse show a couple of years ago, going back this year so I'll be getting another pair then! x

  7. I really need to invest in a tartan scarf! xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity


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