Blogmas Day 3: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked 2

3 December 2013

It's no secret that I'm a fan of a good nude lip. Don't get me wrong, I think berry lip tones are beautiful, but with my thin lips and colouring, nothing beats a nice natural lipstick. Pinky tones are a no go, I lean towards warmer shades, and i'm always on the quest to find the one. Until very recently, NARS was my go to brand for the perfect pout, but they might just have  a little competition from Urban Decay's latest lip launch...
The first thing that impressed me about the Revolution Lipsticks was the colour selection. Out of the twenty or so shades, there's not one that I wouldn't at least attempt to wear. Other than the berry reds (which I love), there's a good, one to suit everyone selection of neutrals - my favourite. I opted to add Naked 2, a  real beige nude, to my birthday list, and my momma delivered.

After being impressed by the shade range, I went on to decide that I like the packaging, too. After seeing photo's online I wasn't too fussed, but in real life it translates to being a nice, easily identifiable addition to my lipstick drawer. I also like that it's quite heavy, as this makes it easier to find amongst the unnecessary amount of junk I insist on carrying in my handbag. 

What I was most pleased by, however, was the formula. I'd heard tales of the Revolution lipsticks' creaminess, but damn, this is one creamy lipstick. Not so much as it slipped straight off my lips, but it felt very moisturising and easy to wear. Because of this, the lipstick didn't have the greatest lasting power, but I didn't mind as it felt lovely to reapply. Naked 2 has a slight sheen to it, so I'm unsure how some of the more matte shades would compare. Whilst I might not quite be on the Naked 3 hype, this Urban Decay release is a winner for me. Now to get my hands on Shame...

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  1. Ooh, this looks lovely. I love the packaging so much!

    Leanne xx | Seeking Serendipity

  2. Gorgeous colour! The perfect nude. I love creamy lipsticks so may have to give one from the Urban Decay Revolution a whirl! The packaging looks and sounds beautiful too!xxx


  3. Looks so pretty.
    Idk if it could work for my skintone but i'll look into their lipsticks!
    Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  4. The shade its beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog following you by bloglovin follow back thanks.

  5. I am totally addicted to these lipsticks, they're sooooo good! I LOVE Streak - it's such a stunning shade, and I totally recommend it! xx

    Gem //

  6. I'm definitely a bright lipstick girl myself, but it's always nice when a line has a range of colors for everyone!

    I nearly forgot I have a sample of this...I'll need to dig it out and try it!

    And I'm so not in on the Naked 3 hype, either. ;)

    Shani x

  7. looks such a pretty nice color for every day wear :) would you like to follow each other doll :) xx

  8. I have been in love with nude lip colors lately. I just purchased a Revlon matte lip balm and I am in love with it!

    Whimsical Allure

  9. This looks really good!

  10. I really love the colour of this lipstick, and the formula sounds great. Its so good to have an everyday colour in an easy to apply lipstick, and not have to worry too much about buffing your lips!

    Ineffable Beauty

  11. Pretty shade! I really want to try and urban decay lippy, they sound and look amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  12. It really does look creamy and that's a great colour! Pity it doesn't last that long but with formulas like that I also don't mind more frequent re-applications.

    xo, alison*elle


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