Blogmas Day 21: Gift Wrapping

21 December 2013

The big day is almost upon us, and my wrapping is still a work in progress. I have been known to nip up back to my room on Christmas morning to finish off my wrapping, but this year I'm determined to be finished by 5pm on Christmas Eve. If you're still wrapping and have a spare half hour (or you're a crazy Christmas person like I am), here are a couple of easy peasy DIY wrapping ideas to try out.

The Paper
Although I can't take the credit for the red Merry Christmas paper (thanks M&S), I decided to get a bit crafty with my parcel paper this year. I took a bell shaped cookie cutter and used it to make a bell shaped potato stamp, which I covered in gold paint and repeated across the parcel paper. Yes, it's a bit juvenile, but I think the result is pretty, festive and reflects the time I put in to choosing my gifts.

The Tags
These gift tags are what I'm most proud of. I took a few parcel tags, some scraps of ribbon, et voila. I've made a couple of different designs - one where the bow is glued on (trickier than it looks), and another where I've wrapped the tag in ribbon like I would a parcel. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out, and think it's lovely to have a home made touch at Christmas. Now, lets just see how long it takes for my loved ones to rip open my hard work on December 25th...

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  1. You have wrapped them really nicely! I have to admit I am awful at wrapping, I get bored then do a half arsed job doh x

  2. No one in my family really likes to wrapping christmas presents wich means I get to do all of them and I love be creative with it :)


  3. Great wrapping, it is one of my favourite parts of christmas !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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