Blogmas Day 20: Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

20 December 2013

Ahhh Christmas Eve. Possibly my favourite day of the year (it's a tie with my birthday), and this year Lush have slightly changed the bath bomb which attempts to match that day. Designed to relax and refresh you before the big night (or any big night, really), grab yourself one quick - there's just enough time.

While this bubble bar isn't my usual candy sweet scent, it smells irresistibly of jasmine, which has really grown on me. It's definitely a very florally fragranced product which reminds me of my Grandma's perfume, but in a good way! Although Christmas Eve is designed to revive and reinvigorate you before a night out, it leaves me feeling very calm, chilled and ready for a date with my PJ's.

At £2.95, this is another of Lush's more reasonably priced bubble bars. I managed to get four good baths out of Christmas Eve, working out at under 50p a go. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the blue and yellow colour combination turned my bath a sea green shade. I was also really happy to see that it produced a lot of delicious smelling bubbles when crumbled in to my bath water.

Before using Christmas Eve, I really didn't think it would be for me. I typically like glittery, pink, fruity and sweet Lush products, however I've really enjoyed using this bubble bar and will definitely try to extend the product variety in my Lush shopping basket once we're in to the New Year. Luckily my best friend knows me well enough to have bought me another of these, so I've got a spare to use on Christmas Eve itself.

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  1. I love lush's bubble bars! I think i need to pick this one up this weekend for christmas eve!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. This one sounds great, I may have to pick one up!

  3. I love Christmas Eve, my family always has a little party and we cook and play a few games. Its a little old school but its lovely to get together.
    The Yankee Candle sounds lovely & looks very festive

  4. I love Lush, but I haven't tried this, I think I need to go shopping now haha!


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