Blogmas Day 16: The Last Minute Wish List

16 December 2013

Now that Christmas is right round the corner, I'd like to think that everyone's gift buying is out of the way. However, if you're looking for some last minute inspiration Santa, here are the presents that would top my list.

I've tried a couple of Hourglass products, but there's always room for more in my collection. The Ambient Lighting Powder is almost universally loved throughout the blogging world, so I think it's about time I gave it a go. I'm always on the lookout for something which can keep my skin looking fresh throughout the day. Because I'm a big fan of a nude lip, the Femme Nude Lip Stylo sounds right up my street. Space NK have six nude shades in stock (heaven), shade 3 has my name written all over it.

Rounding up the makeup selection is the Urban Decay Ammo Palette. I had the original version of this back in my pre-uni days and loved it, but sadly it got lost during the move home. This was relaunched at the beginning of the year, so I'd really like to have it back in my collection. This palette seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment, but as soon as I manage to find it in stock it's mine.

When it comes to fragrance, there's no perfume that can match Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for me. I'd never refuse a bottle of this, it's my favourite scent and always a winning gift. Lush's the Comforter is another old favourite for me. I absolutely adore this Lush product, it smells heavenly and bubbles like no other.

Now for the two non-beauty items on the wish list. I'm a massive history geek, I've just finished reading all of Philippa Gregory's books. One of my favourite periods is the Tudor era, and although I'm sure it's not 100% historically accurate, I'd love to watch this series. Finally, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some sparkle, and I've lusted after these Return To Tiffany earrings for as long as I can remember. If Santa doesn't pop them in my stocking, then 2014 will be the year I finally buy these earrings. Every girl needs Tiffany's, right?

This is day 16 of Blogmas 2013. To view all of my other Blogmas posts, click here.


  1. I used to love the Tudors - maybe not 100% accurate by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill are ridiculously gorgeous, haha! Season 2 was my favourite as it focused on Anne Boleyn :)
    I absolutely adore the Tiffany earrings and Coco Mademoiselle perfume too - hope you get your wish list!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. Great wishlist! I haven't tried any Hourglass products yet but the nudes look lovely.

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. The Tudors is an awesome series- I'm wanting to rewatch them all over again now haha xxx



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