Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Bedroom Decorations

14 December 2013

Christmas is a pretty big deal in the Owen family household. Every year my Mum excels herself (this year we're talking two giant Christmas trees and garlands in every room), and since a young age we've all liked to decorate our own rooms.  Last night I completed my annual decorating session, and decided to share a few simple tips to help you feel more festive at home.

Seeing as my bed is the place I spend the most time in when in my room (obviously), I treated myself to this Reindeer bedding for £35 from Marks & Spencers. I have bunting at the end of my bed all year round, but come December 1st I switch it up to a more festive offering which one of my best friends made for me. The shops are full of Christmas bunting at the moment, or if you'd prefer to give it a go yourself, John Lewis have this Make Your Own Kit. The Christmas pudding (how cute?) is also a DIY job by another friend, which if you've got a bit of spare time you could put together with felt and a couple of buttons.

Normally I like to have a good size real Christmas tree in my bedroom, but as I was away for a week in December I opted for this smaller version instead. I paid £10 from Tesco for a diddy (real) Christmas tree in a tub. The tree came with lights and decorations, but I chose to take them off and add my own from last year instead. As I had a fair few tree ornaments left over, I've hung these on door knobs/bed posts to tie the festive theme throughout my room.

This is day 14 of Blogmas 2013. To view all of my other Blogmas posts, click here.


  1. I love how Christmassy you've made everything. The felt pudding is really cute, I'm going to make one a bit later :)

  2. That looks cosy! :)

    Katharina from Katinka & don't miss the
    Christmas Giveaway

  3. Looks so nice! x

  4. Love the Christmas touches in your house! Esp the Xmas Pudding on your bed post.

  5. just found your blog now and i loved it!! I am going to follow you
    check mine too if you want, and follow back if you like it :p
    kisses ♥

  6. These look gorgeous! I desperately want that reindeer set, however have been told by the other half (who is a Christmas grinch) that it's one step too far. Sigh.

    Hmm maybe...

  7. Aww your decorations all look so beautiful.. I love your bed xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. very cute :)

  9. Gorgeous! I've been keeping an eye out for Christmas bunting, but havent managed to find any yet!
    Wish I'd thought of doing Blogmas - I could have done with something to get me back into posting regularly as it's been a bit intermittent of late.
    Mel xx


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