Blogmas Day 13: Paris

13 December 2013

Again, apologies for the photo heavy post, but I wanted to share all of my trip highlights with you all! After leaving Disneyland (read my post on that part of the holiday here), Vicky & I made our way to Paris for three days. We stayed in Bastille, which was a great central location. We managed to master the Metro pretty quickly, and made our way all over Paris.

On day one we hit up City Pharma (hell on earth on a Saturday afternoon) and the Eiffel Tower. We had dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant near the tower, which was lovely. On day two we decided to soak up some culture and headed to the Louvre. Despite visiting the city a couple of times I'd never been to this museum, so I was really amazed by how beautiful of a building it was. After a few hours  of admiring art, we decided to balance things out and headed over to the Champs Elysees for a little (lot of) shopping. We found an amazing tea store, and of course went a little crazy in Sephora. This was such a beautiful row of stores, finished off with the Arc De Triomphe situated at the very end. For our final night in Paris we decided to keep it classy and have takeout pizza in our room - we were exhausted! On our final day, being a pair of theology graduates, we did a mini tour of famous churches. We climbed up all 300 steps to the Sacre Couer, then had a delicious breakfast in the artists square in the Montmartre. Our final destination before heading home was Notre Dame cathedral, one of my favourites. A truly stunning building which I'd recommend you visit.

That's the end of our pitstop Parisian tour, and my mammoth photo filled posts. I'm so sad to be home, but at least I have Christmas to look forward to now...

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  1. Amazing photographs! x

  2. I love Paris!!
    xx Stephanie (

  3. I love photo filled posts and have been enjoying ready about your adventures!!

  4. Beautiful photos, really made me miss Paris :)

  5. Great photos!


  6. stunning photos, i am so jealous!


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