Lush Candy Mountain

30 November 2013

After my last post, I'm well and truly embracing the festive spirit. The decorations are out of the loft, I've visited a Christmas market, plus did I mention that I'm off to Disneyland next week? Only once or twice ;-). The Lush Christmas collection has been doing the blogging rounds lately, and seeing as bubble baths are one of my favourite things on a cold winters night, I decided to give Candy Mountain a go. 

First things first, Candy Mountain doesn't have its own unique scent. It shares the same delicious sweet shop and vanilla combination as the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, and to my nose, smells almost exactly like Lush's infamous Snow Fairy Shower Gel. It's not the most mature of scents, but the vanilla manages to balance everything out and avoid moving in to 'sickly' territory. Anything with vanilla smells a little bit festive to me, combine that with candy cane and you're on to a winner.

Priced at £2.65, Candy Mountain is one of Lush's more reasonably priced bubble bars. I managed to get three decent baths out of it, each with a nice amount of bubbles.  I was surprised to see that my water remained clear - I expected pink - but the bubbles which it produced had a pale pink colouring, which was lovely. This bubble bar does contain glitter (it is Christmas after all - it'd be rude not to!), but not so much that I felt like a disco ball after my bath. 

Undoubtedly for me, the best thing about Candy Mountain is that delicious smell. I'll definitely be buying a couple more for over the festive season, plus I think it'd make a lovely stocking filler. Not that I'm hinting...


  1. This looks so delicious! I need to go to a Lush store and give this one a sniff.

  2. This looks beautiful! I haven't had chance to go into Lush this season yet so missing out on all these amazing festive smells! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. My friend bought one of these the other day and it smells so nice, I need to go buy some snow fairy!

  4. I'd really like to try this! I think it's going to smell so great :D I love how it looks aswell!

    x Valérie |

  5. Have a lovely time at Disneyland! This looks lovely xxx


  6. I love lush, and this looks SO pretty! eeek! lush around christmas time = best time ever.

    Sharlotte xxx

  7. I like the ones that break up & you can get more that one use from. Candy Mountain is one of my all time fave LUSH bubble bars.

  8. I have just tried some Lush products for the first time recently and am in LOVE! I need to try one of their bubble bars for sure!

  9. Lovely review hun...Would love to try :) <3

  10. This is my all time favourite bath bomb along side the comforter I always stock up around xmas it smells so good :) x
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