Skin Care | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II

10 October 2013

Over the last eighteen months (with thanks to the beauty blogging world), I've really started to put together a skin care routine that works for me. Along the way, I've discovered some stand out products that really work for me: Alpha H Liquid Gold, Emma Hardie balm cleanser, Pixi Glow Tonic, and Hydraluron - can you tell I'm a Hirons fan? Recently I purchased the reformulated Advanced Night Repair, and damn, it's good. 

First things first, I'm sure the majority of the blogging world has tried this by now, but I'm late to the party (as per). Secondly, I'm only twenty two. Although anti-aging is high up on my agenda, I'm more interested in preventative techniques, so I can't tell you how this works on fine lines etc. However, what I can say is that as a 'night treatment', this is a great serum. I've found that after consistent use, my skin now feels softer and smoother, and the redness in my cheeks is reduced. Recently, I've been feeling much better when I wake up in the morning, because from a glance in the mirror my skin is looking healthier and clearer, with a nice glow.

In terms of consistency, this serum has a thick, almost oil-like texture. It's the colour of honey, and has a mild but pleasant scent which isn't noticeable once applied. It easily absorbs in to the skin, and has a light formula. My skin doesn't feel at all greasy once I've used this, and currently it's giving me just the right amount of moisture on it's own - although once Winter really kicks in I might up the hydration by adding a layer of facial oil over the top. If you can, I'd definitely recommend grabbing a sample of this - it's worth the hype.


  1. Thanks for the review. I've been curious about this, but shockingly enough this is the first post I've seen on it (I think). Sounds lovely! I'll need to check it out.

  2. I basically want everything you post about lol! This is the next on my list of things to get thanks to you Josie! :)

  3. I tried a sample of this and really liked it :) I'd like a full size one but my oh my it is pricey.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. I haven't tried the new version yet, but the reviews are all positive. To be honest the first version didn't really do that much for my skin, so it'll be interesting to see how this one works out! Nice products in general :o). Xx

  5. My mum purchased this not long ago and i nabbed a bit to try, I always find it leaves my skin a lot softer and more moisturised, definitely want to get one for myself!! x

  6. Might have to try some of this, I've heard a lot of good things about it :D

  7. Great review. I've been wondering if this is worth it.

  8. Unfortunately this didn't work very well with my skin. I was so upset because I had saved up for the longest time :(. I found a South Korean dupe with less irritants and more natural ingredients (Missha Night Repair I think its called), crazily enough it worked wonders. It was double the size and quarter the price too. So I definitely hit the jackpot in the end haha

    Beauty Challenged

  9. I have been using this for just over a month now & have been loving it! It is a splurge but I think it is worth every penny.
    My skin looks healthier and very smooth. Its amazing

  10. Everyone raves about this so I may just have to invest!


  11. i've been wanting to try this for ages!


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