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29 September 2013

When it comes to nail polish, I'm a nude girl at heart. I'm currently wearing Chanel - Frenzy, which I love, but with the arrival of a new season, I thought it was about time to inject some Autumn colour in to my nails.

Saville Row was a purchase inspired by comments left on this post on I fell in love with the YSL shade, and people suggested that this was a more affordable dupe, so it went straight in to my online cart. I've got quite a few Nails Inc polishes now, and on the whole I've found them to be good quality, with a nice shade range. Saville Row has got to be one of my favourites though. It's a gorgeous, deep plum shade, which is perfect for this time of year. In the swatches above I've applied three coats, but in reality you need two for the colour to be opaque.

I found the wear time of this, when paired with a Nails Inc top coat, to be fairly good. I actually wore it for two weeks, but by the end it was horrendously chipped - you'd get a good four or five days out of it without needing to reapply, however. I'm currently trying to talk myself out of buying the YSL polish too as the colours do seem pretty similar, but please share your favourite Autumn nail shades in the comments - now that I've (finally) discovered colour, it's about time I moved away from my neutral tones!


  1. That is so nice! I love these purple tones in the autumn time!


  2. This is a great shade for Autumn, such a lovely deep wine colour x

  3. Love that color! Essie has some great shades in their A/W collection

  4. I love a dark nail polish - esp plum colours. I think they look really pretty.
    This Nails Inc one sounds great & it lasted a long time on you too.

  5. Gorgeous colour, perfect for autumn! :)

  6. I'm a big fan of Saville Row and it spends a lot of time on my nails in the autumn/winter. In fact it's one of the only polishes I have where I'm actually half way through the bottle and can see myself finishing it (before it gets too old and goes off!) x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  7. Gorgeous, moody autumnal shade - it looks very similar to the YSL! I was really excited to pick up a couple of Nails Inc polishes when I was in the UK - I definitely eyed this one but since it's approaching summer where I live I gave it a pass.

  8. This is a gorgeous little shade :) Found your blog through the #bbloggers chat and am really enjoying it :)

    TwentySomethingBeauty | Twitter | Bloglovin

  9. That is such a gorgeous colour, my favourite kinda shade!

    Thanks for sharing your link in the #bbloggers chat
    Kylie -


  10. I'm addicted to Essie. My latest discovery is - the lace is on - such a gorgeous purple color. Perfect for autumn. I also love Chanel Roge noire which is similar burgundy to one you suggested.
    Adela x

  11. I'm obsessed with those dark, burgandy reds. This is now on my list :)

    Beauty Challenged

  12. I love nails inc :) you definitely can't go wrong!! This colour is absolutely gorgeous too :)
    Keep in touch! Looking forward to be following you now!
    Andrea xxx


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