Honolulu Honey

22 June 2013

British ladies, I'm sorry. I searched everywhere for a link to this shade, but I've come to the conclusion that it's not for sale in the UK, because I can't track it down.

I'm a NARS gal. Sheer Glow is a HG foundation for me, their blushes are to die for, and I've mentioned my love for NARS' Belle De Jour (review here) several times. However, whilst browsing Sephora recently, I had absolutely no intention of picking up a new lipstick. I'd wandered over to the NARS counter to blag a sample of their tinted moisturiser - which I'm really enjoying - and to have a look for a new blush, but got a little distracted (as always) by the peachy nude lipsticks.

Usually when I make a new purchase, I've spent weeks meticulously researching, reading reviews and checking swatches. However, Honolulu Honey caught my eye straight away. I gave it a quick swatch, and in to the basket it went - risky, I know. However, this time spur of the moment purchasing has paid off for me.

This lipstick is a satin finish, which I really like. Belle De Jour is incredibly moisturising, but it doesn't tend to stick around for very long. This is the best of both worlds - it doesn't dry my lips out, but it's got a little lasting power too. It won't last you all day, but you'll get a good couple of hours wear before a top up is required.

Honolulu Honey is a lovely peach shade, which has almost orange undertones, and is perfect for this time of year. It's very flattering on my skin tone (NC25), and has quickly found its way in to my handbag as a lovely every day shade. What's your go to nude lip?


  1. Ah, love the look of this (and the name)! Moisturising lipsticks are proving quite tricky to find at the moment so this could be the perfect solution xx


  2. That's so pretty. I still haven't found a peach/brown toned nude that suits me :(


  3. I keep meaning to buy a NARS lipstick, as I adore their lip pencils xo


  4. love it


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