L'amour Josie Is One!

16 May 2013

Just a super duper quick pre-work post to say that today, my little blog has officially turned one! The decision to start blogging was probably my best one of 2012, it's so great to be involved with such a fantastic community, who all share the same passion as me.

I couldn't think of a much better way to mark the occasion than pull together shots from some of my favourite beauty posts from the last twelve months. Tonight I'll be celebrating with a slice of cake and a glitter nail, and planning more blog posts for you all. I'm off to Vegas in just over a week, so expect a little giveaway, but until then thank you all for your support, and here's to the next twelve months!

Josie xxx


  1. Nice blog. Follow you!

    Please follow me :))


  2. Congratulations, I'm a huge fan of your blog.

  3. Congratulations :)

    I've just started reading your blog and am loving it!

  4. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I completely forgot about mine! x

  5. Congratulations! I've just come across your blog, love it! Followed!

    Stevie Hearts Makeup

    Stevie xxx

  6. Hi, great post! Congrats! :)

    Please check out my recent posts & giveaway?



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