Falling Back In Love With Nail Polish

14 May 2013

I have another of my 'terrible beauty blogger' confessions to make. I don't use top coat. Yes, I've never even tried the infamous Seche Vite. I briefly flirted with using a Models Own offering, but it didn't work out, and top coats just weren't on my beauty radar. However, for some reason I decided I deserved a treat in Boots recently, and went for this Nails Inc offering. I'd not heard much about it, but I'll confess that it's love.

A 45 second dry time is a pretty big claim to make, but Kensington Caviar lives up to it. In less than a minute my nails are touch dry, and that's even when tested with a particularly difficult glitter top coat (OPI Lights of Emerald City, I'm looking at you). More impressive than the dry time though, is how glossy this makes nails look. It manages to somehow smooth out any minor bubbles or streaks, leaving you with beautifully shiny nails.

Although I wouldn't say that this top coat dramatically extends the longevity of my nail polish, it definitely helps. My nails are terrible for splitting, which means that my manicure is normally chipped after a day or two. However, since wearing this, my polish has definitely looked neater for longer, which I'm pleased about. I'd mainly recommend that you purchase this for the dry time and the super glossy finish, however.

Kensington Caviar Top Coat has stolen my heart. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about wearing fish egg on my fingers (I'm assuming that it's a tiny amount just to add a 'luxurious' edge, but as someone who doesn't eat meat and loves fish I'm not exactly sold on it), but I do know that if you want quick, easy, sleek nails, then go for this. One last thing to note is that I've tried this with dark and pale polishes, and despite the pinkish tinge in the bottle, it doesn't taint the colour of my nails. It's a great all rounder product - if a little pricey - and I may just have to give Seche Vite a go next.


  1. You HAVE TO try "sally hansen insta dry"! This topcoat is amazing! It makes your polish dry soooo fast!

  2. Im the same with top coat, always forget! Got the SH one and its amazing! :) x

  3. My nails always split too, which is so annoying, and making my nail varnish barely last a day looking nice! I really need to find a great topcoat- shall give this a try :)
    Daniella x


  4. Will have to give this a try. I always forget about top coats.


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  5. i always forget about top coats! oops! i must try this out! x

  6. I've just bought Seche Vite to see what all the fuss is about so will be doing a post on it soon...I got it for £5.00 off amazon which is a pretty decent price :)


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