Clarins Crush

6 May 2013

The sun's out, I can smell a barbecue, and I've almost finished packing for my holiday. There's something about this time of year that makes me strive for healthy, glowing skin even more than usual, and this year I've turned to Clarins for a little extra help.

Long term readers may remember a similar post last year, where I went a little crazy in The Body Shop, made some impulsive purchases, and then had fun snapping photographs of the result in my garden. Once again I hadn't intended on making any purchases, but I got drawn in by this gift set whilst walking past the counter (ironically towards Clinique, where I intended on purchasing an SPF cream for my face). For £20 I got a 50ml Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (which I've wanted to try since reading how much Lily Melrose loves it), 30ml Multi-Active Day Cream, 100ml Smoothing Body Scrub and 100ml Moisture Rich Body Lotion. An added bonus was the lovely bag that it all came in - I'd definitely recommend picking up this set if you're fairly new to Clarins like I am.

Once I'd committed to the kit, I decided I may as well pick up an SPF whilst I was there. I went for their factor 50 cream as I'll be wearing it in Vegas, so I want the highest level of protection available. If I get on well with this I'll be wearing it on a daily basis, as SPF is definitely lacking in my skin care routine. This is UVA and UVB to keep those wrinkles at bay, and when I gave it a test earlier didn't cause flash back, so it's so far so good. Expect a review just in time for summer in a couple of weeks.

On top of the goodies I bought for myself, the assistant who'd recommended the SPF kindly threw in a lot of samples to my bag. Amongst other things, I got another cleanser and body lotion, as well as a tube of their Beauty Flash Balm and a little pot of Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer. Both of these are things I've wanted to try for a while now, so I'm very happy! I'll keep you all updated, but I have a feeling that this will be the start of something beautiful between the Clarins counter and myself.


  1. This looks so nice, really like to look of the products!:)

  2. I got one of these clarins kits at christmas (slightly different but same bag) was a nice introduction to clarins x

  3. I had the Beauty Flash Balm a while ago and it's pretty good, really want to try that primer too!
    Mel xx

  4. That's a lot of Clarins products haha. It's cool you got a bunch of samples too!

    Jamie ♥

  5. Clarins are always the best for samples, such a generous company! :)
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


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