Totes Smokin'

1 May 2013

Australis Totes Smokin' Palette

The Totes Smokin' palette by Australis is another product which us British beauty lovers can only dream of. However, when I saw it in my box of goodies for the lovely Jasmine, I couldn't help but swatch away for a post on here.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not usually an eyeshadow kind of gal. I'm awake at half past six every weekday morning just to get myself to work on time in a semi-presentable state, so adding in eyeshadow to the mix would be another ten minutes that I'd rather sleep through. However, this is such an easy palette that I've been reaching for it and taking a power nap in my lunch break instead (I like to sleep, a lot).

My favourite day to day combination has to be the two middle colours on the first swatch. It's a lovely, simple, natural eye - so my favourite kind. However, recently I went a little crazy and rocked a brown smokey eye for the first time ever, and it's love. The second to right shade on the bottom row, that beautiful deep brown with golden flecks, has stolen my heart. It looks gorgeous smoked out with lashings of mascara, and it doesn't smudge. My attempts at smokey eyes always smudge, so this makes it even more of a winner in my eyes.

All of the shades are really nicely pigmented, and although not quite as smooth in texture as Wet N Wild eyeshadows, they're definitely not chalky either. They don't feel heavy, don't crease or transfer, and this is actually a palette that I'm making use of. If you can, I'd definitely recommend you give it a go.

In other news, you might have noticed I've been a little AWOL recently. I'm back now though, and feeling really enthusiastic about blogging again. What have I missed?


  1. I've looked at this so many times but never bought it haha, it's really pretty!


  2. What a gorgeous wearable selection of shades! I love the small selection of neutrals!

  3. This looks amazing :) I love the pink shade, very pigmented too xx

  4. The colours look right up my alley! :) I have actually never seen this palette around though I live in Australia. I have a boatload of Australis lipsticks though! :p

  5. Love this palette. Always all about the neutrals (:

  6. So cute! And great photos! x


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