Budget Blushers

15 April 2013

Swatches (1) top to bottom: NYX Rose Petal - £5.50, Sleek Mirrored Pink - £4.49, ELF Candid Coral - £3.75, Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink - £3.50
Swatches (2) top to bottom: NYX Peach - £5.50, Topshop Kick Start - £12.50

The last couple of months have been a drugstore discovery for me. I previously limited myself to high end brands for blush. I tended to only have a cream and a powder on the go at the same time, and would frequently hit pan (something I dream of now). Nowadays, however, I'm more likely to reach for NYX than NARS. Here's a roundup of some of my favourite purse friendly blushers.

I've written a more in depth review of Rose Petal here, but in short if you want a good quality cream blush which doesn't set as a powder, head to NYX. I used to really love MAC cream blushers but they were reformulated, so NYX have quickly become my go to. I'll definitely be picking a few more of these up in Vegas. They leave a highly pigmented flush of colour, and skin looking fresh and dewy.

Mirrored Pink is an absolutely beautiful shade of Pink. I'm really impressed by the quality of Sleek blushes - they're very smooth - and definitely feel like they're worth a lot more than their £4.49 price tag. Read a more detailed review of this blush here.

If you're not sure exactly what sort of finish or shade you're after, head to ELF. You can choose from eight different types of blush (who knew that many even existed?), in a wide variety of shades. Candid Coral is a beautiful peachy coral shade, which blends on to the skin really nicely. It's not the most pigmented blush that I own, but on my pale-ish skin it works nicely as a blush/highlight combo. I really like the packaging of this, it looks sleek and because it's so slim it fits nicely in to my collection. I'll be picking more of these up in Vegas too - it's a little annoying that NYX and ELF are almost double the price in the UK!

Although the packaging of Pearlescent Pink isn't the most chic of the bunch, this is one of my all time favourite blushers. Although I don't actually own NARS' infamous Orgasm, I've heard that this is a pretty close dupe, and with good reason. Pearlescent Pink is a beautiful pinky-coral shade with flecks of gold. When blended out on skin, the glitter becomes almost invisible, and leaves a natural, 'lit-from-within' finish. As with all Wet N Wild products I've tried, the quality of this is superb. It's also one of the most long lasting blushes I've ever tried.

Whilst it does vary, NYX's Peach is my current favourite of the lot, and the one which I reach for most frequently. This really isn't a Peach shade - it's a pretty light rose pink - which is really pigmented and looks nice with a tan. All of the NYX blushes which I've tried are excellent value for money. This is the perfect every day blush. It's great for days when I don't want to have to make a lot of effort with my makeup. Blending it is easy, and it feels really high quality. The packaging isn't great, and it's not the longest lasting blush in the world, but the colour is so easy to wear that it's quickly become my go to blush.

I'm a big fan of Topshop blushers in general, and I've included the pink from this Kick Start palette to represent the whole range. I've written a review here, but to summarise, the shade range is excellent, the blushers are high quality, and the packaging is adorable. Their cream blush in Head Over Heels has been a favourite of mine since its launch.


  1. Great post! I love sleek blushes x


  2. fab post!I like the look of all these x

  3. Blush is one of my make up obsessions.


  4. These blushes look great, nice post! Ive always wanted to try the nyx and topshop blushes thy look so pretty!:)


  5. Elf blushes are great, I've always found them to be really pigmented and incredibly cheap XX

    Hannah, Glitter And Sparkle

  6. I love sleek but have never tried their blushers but that one is beautiful so I think I will try them now!

  7. Oh i'm so addicted to blush and now i want so many of these! Great post (:


  8. I love the Elf blushes, so cheap and cheerful but such great quality! xx

    I'm a new follower by the way, love your blog!

  9. this is gorgeous - your site is so pretty! xx

  10. Great post darling! I am such a blush lover that now I want every single one of these haha! Both NYX ones look fab, definitely getting them! :))


  11. Great post! I love Sleek makeup, its so cheap for the quality

    Rhiannon xx

  12. Ooh, great picks! I love high-end blushers but am always on the lookout for amazing affordable finds as well. I have a couple blushes from Sleek (Pomegranate and Life's a Peach) and love them both! xo



  13. That NYX Cream blushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D :D :D xxxx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. The NYX blushes look so good & affordable! I am going to put them on my wish list. Thanks for the post :)

    Caryl x


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