Beauty Swap #2: Jasmine @ Sweetaholic Beauty

6 April 2013

All products via Jasmine - Sweetaholic Beauty

A while ago the lovely Angel contacted me, to see if I wanted to take part in an international swap she was organising for Easter. Of course I took her up on the offer, and I got paired up with the lovely Jasmine, all the way over in Australia! Yes British bloggers, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are  Koala bars instead of Freddos - how amazing!

My package got held up posting it to Jasmine for various reasons, but fingers crossed it has arrived now. I kind of feel like I let the side down a little, as she went to such an effort! Everything was wrapped up in really pretty floral paper, plus she threw in the cute cat purse too. On to the beauty goodies...

I squealed a little when I saw the products Jasmine had sent me (thank you so much). I'd had my eye on the Face of Australia primer for a while now, and fingers crossed it's as good as it sounds, as it'll be perfect for Vegas if so. Being the die hard Disney fan that I am, the Essence Snow White polish is heaven! Initially I was the most excited about these two products as I'd lusted after them for so long, so expect reviews soon. I've been after a brown eye liner for so long, but it's one of those products I always forget to pick up, so this one should be perfect. The Essence eyeshadow quad contains some of the prettiest greys I've laid my eyes on, and although I'm a little intimidated by the neon liner, I can't wait to have a play around with it.

Two of the products which I didn't expect to see were the Australis lipstick and eye shadow palette. Jasmine has obviously done her research because these are both perfect for me - a gorgeous peachy nude lipstick, and neutral eyeshadows - I'm certain these will be on my face for the next couple of weeks.

I'm off to eat some yummy chocolates and have a go with the Australis palette - are you lusting after any Australian palettes?

*This is the second of the four beauty swaps I've taken part in so far this year. Read my first post here.*


  1. Ooh, exciting, looks like you got some lovely things.
    Sorry I didn't email you about the swap but I found out that postage is SO expensive from here - it would cost me upwards of £30. But what I thought maybe we could do is do a swap when I'm back home, but I'll bring back some Brazilian goodies with me from here to send to you?
    Let me know what you think.
    Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Mel xx

  2. I love that she wrapped the gifts and included the Koala Bars! So cute. x

    January Girl ♥

  3. Oh such a fun content indeed! I did not know they have Essence in Australia? I thought it was just sold in Belgium & Holland! The Australis Palette looks great too, can't wait to see it up close :)

  4. OMG caramel Koala's i need them in my life!


  5. lovely goodies! from the packaging alone that australis palette looks very promising :))


  6. Really want to try the austalian primer! x

  7. I'm so happy you loved everything!
    Caramel Koalas are popular here, and I racked my brain trying to figure out some chocolate we have here that you guys don't have :P
    Enjoy lovely! It was such a pleasure swapping with you :) anytime!


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