Miss Dior

14 March 2013

Recently I wrote this post, sharing my three favourite perfumes with you. After years of sampling fragrances, I thought I'd finally managed to find the perfect trio for me. I was confident that that I couldn't fall as much in love with any other scent - then in to my life strolled Miss Dior. I'm not saying it's knocked any of my favourites off of their place on the podium, but I've definitely extended the group.

I'm the first to admit that I don't have the most mature taste in scents. I like fresh, fruity and floral combinations which linger all day. Miss Dior definitely falls in to the latter two of these three categories. It combines some of my favourite notes - vanilla, and berry (I think strawberry), but surprisingly this also contains rose. I say surprisingly because I'm not the biggest rose fan, and also because there's a deeper, more grown up undertone which I've realised (since googling) is the patchouli.

Now that I've gotten the notes out of the way, the best thing I can say about this fragrance is to go and smell it. I'm sure those who mentioned they had similar tastes to me in my last perfume post will enjoy this. Long lasting and wonderfully intoxicating, Miss Dior has earned a permanent place in my perfume collection.


  1. I've been lusting after this for so long! xx

  2. I LOVE this bottle so much, so so chic!


  3. Everyone lusts over this perfume however, I am yet to smell it! May have to take a trip into my local boots.


  4. This is my ULTIMATE perfume!! By far my favorite and the bottle is SO pretty :) Love it!!


  5. I love this fragrance so much! I used to work as a fragrance consultant and this was the one I recommended and wore all the time!

  6. One of my favourite perfumes. I swear I've repurchased this like four times already, I never get tired of it :)
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  7. Beautiful pictures of the lovely bottle - thanks for sharing!


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