A Perfect Pout

10 February 2013

There's nothing I love more than a good ole' nude lip. Whilst planning a little rave on my most recent purchase (MAC's A Perfect Day), it dawned on me that it's now discontinued - it was released last year as part of the limited edition 'Naturally' collection which I somehow managed to miss - and so I'd better offer a still available alternative. Queue me digging around in my lipstick drawer and swatching almost every neutral shade I own...

Top L-R: Sleek Bare All, Topshop Nevada, Topshop Desert, Nars Belle De Jour, Mac Myth, Mac A Perfect Day
Bottom L-R: Rimmel Apocalips Luna, Sleek Pout Paint Milkshake
Swatches L-R: MAC A Perfect Day, MAC Myth, Nars Belle De Jour, Topshop Nevada (underneath)
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick - £9.00

I managed to pick up A Perfect Day during a recent trip to Chester from a Cosmetics Company Store, for the bargain price of £9.00.  I didn't walk in to the store looking for a nude, but I'm drawn to them like a moth to a light bulb, and it's safe to say it's found its way in to my top three nudes alongside Topshop Desert, and Nars Belle De Jour. Desert will forever hold my heart (I'm rationing the last of this out, as surprise surprise, it's discontinued), and I proclaimed Belle de Jour my lipstick of 2012 (read my original review here - try not to cringe too much, it was only my 6th ever post), so that's an impressive rank to hold. 

A Perfect Day is an amplified creme finish, which just so happens to be my favourite from MAC. It applies smoothly and leaves my lips feeling nice and moisturised. Colour wise, it leans to the more pinky side of the nude spectrum, which surprises me as I normally avoid pinks like the plague. 

A Perfect Day is a great, every day lipstick. Wear time is a couple of hours, but that doesn't bother me as I'm quite a fan of reapplying my lip colour. Out of everything I own, Topshop Nevada is the closest (post here) colour wise, but it feels a lot drier on the lips than the MAC offering. On my mission to replace my beloved Desert, what do you suggest I try next?


  1. I love this color :)


  2. really pretty colour, and what a great price! :)

  3. I love the nude colours but they tend to wash me out as i have a super pale complexion so i usually opt for pale pink shades Mac's Creme Cup is my favourite! So im sorry but im totally useless at suggesting a good replacement for your beloved Desert!

  4. wow what a lovely collection!

    great blog - following you :)



  5. This are such gorgeous shades, I've always been a red lipstick girl, but I really want to get into more nudes and pinks, that Mac is gorgeous



  6. lovely collection. I'm in love with A perfect day (:


  7. love nude shades,always what i throw on when im having a no makeup make up day lol :D

  8. Oh wow, you DO really love your nudes, don't you? :P More coming your way soon! ;)


  9. I have A Perfect Day and love it!!

    Gem x

  10. A Perfect Day looks gorgeous. I don't often wear nude lipsticks, but I might have to pick up one of the ones you mentioned now as I'm feeling inspired :) x


  11. Ooh, I love A Perfect Day. Looks gorgeous!


  12. I have the apocalips Luna as well, and I really love it!

  13. Great selection! MAC Myth looks fantastic :)



  14. You look like you've raided my lipstick collection haha I absolutely love nude lips , you shoul try mac gel or mac Japanese maple! They're both amazing! Xxx

  15. Really nice colours, I'm always really reluctant to use nude colours but I might just have a look at some of these :)


  16. I love this post! :) I wanted a nude lip yesterday, and realized that my collection is seriously lacking in them. I do have Nars Belle de Jour, though! I'll have to dig around for it.


  17. Hi there,
    May I ask where i this Cosmetics company store? I've been looking for this lipstick. Thank you!


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