The Dream Team

19 January 2013

I've never been the greatest snoozer, but before Christmas, my inability to sleep reached the point where I was internet banking at 2am. Considering how I need at least eight hours a night to function, things were getting pretty serious. When I was a lot younger, my parents used to let me spray a lavender linen scent on to my pillow, so step in This Works...

I picked up the dream team prior to Christmas just to see how the products work out. This was a gift set, but you get a miniature deep sleep pillow spray and stress less rollerball, so it's a great way to test the products out before committing to the rather pricey full sizes. They do definitely contain hints of lavender, but there's also something a bit more grown up about them that reminds me of my Aromatherapy Associates oils. They remind me of the fragrance rooms at a spa, but they're not the sort of scent I would choose to wear throughout the day. That's great for me though, because I've trained my mind in to knowing that when I go through my little evening routine with these products then it's time to go in to rest mode, and it's now a smell I look forward to associating with sleep.

I'm not going to lie to you and claim that I now sleep for ten hours straight every night, but these combined with my electric blanket (best Christmas gift ever) definitely help to make my sleep a little less interrupted. I've since purchased pillow talk, which contains a full size pillow spray and miniature rollerball, and also a full size stress less, although these full sizes aren't pictured outside their packaging - sorry! I keep a mini stress less in my handbag at all times, and the other minis are great for travelling. The full sizes have actually crept in to my bed side basket, which is quite the achievement.

I have a feeling that these will be two hyped up products this year, but I'd definitely recommend trying out the dream team if you struggle with sleep. Any other hints and tips for a good nights sleep would be greatly appreciated too.


  1. I really want to try some products from "this works" because I've heard great things about them!

    Thank you for visiting & leaving a comment on my blog, you're sweet! :D xx

  2. Ooo I love this brand! I really want to try these now. I saw a couple of average reviews on them but glad to see that they actually work :)
    LaceyLoves x

  3. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! this was a great post, i've been considering buying some sleep stuff from this works anyway, now i pretty much have to! x

  4. I need to invest in this. I've tried many products that are meant to help you sleep, but haven't seem to found anything that worked yet.
    Hopefully this will work for me as well! :) x



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