Snow Heroes

26 January 2013

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment - $22.50, via Birchbox
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - £7.00, via Marie Claire

This will be the last post where I go on and on about needing moisture to survive through the snow, I promise. I've covered hair and body, and now on to two areas in my beauty routine I really neglect - lips and hands. These were both samples that I've acquired through magazines/beauty boxes and not paid much attention to, but with the recent cold snap I threw them in to my handbag and fell in love.

Hand cream was something I'd use if it was in front of me, but never go out of my way to apply. I've been religiously reaching for this L'Occitane offering though. Consistency wise it's pretty close to perfect - nice and thick, but applies without a trace of grease, leaving my hands nice and baby soft. The scent was a real grower on me. I initially disliked it, but now I'm gutted that it was limited edition - a colleague even commented on how nice my hands smelt the other day!

I go through phases of overusing lip balm, and then neglecting it completely. I've been wanting to try the Fresh lip treatment for a while now, and for anyone in the UK who's interested, they offer shipping via their London store (give them a call). This has a really, really distinctive scent. I think it's lovely and citrusy, one friend described it as the same smell as a lime and soda water (one of my favourite drinks), but another friend likened it to cif oven cleaner - not so pleasant. Whilst this hasn't replaced by beloved Nuxe, I'm loving using this at the moment. My lips feel really soft, smell delicious, and I really like having a sheer tint too, as I can't be bothered reaching for lipsticks on dark, cold mornings.

These two have definitely earnt their places in my handbag, and I'm intrigued to try some more L'Occitane offerings. Have you been adding any steps in to your beauty routine to counter this cold weather? 

One last note, I'm now a dot com! What was is now just plain old, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Google friend connect followers should still see my posts on your newsfeed, but I'm working on bloglovin for now.


  1. Been looking for a new hand cream, as mine has just run out, so might have a look into the L'Occitane one! Also congrats on the dot com! Hope I manage to stick at my blog long enough to earn myself a dot com soon! x


  2. The fresh sugar lip treatment has been at the top of my wishlist for a while now but its so expensive!! I got my own dot com a few weeks ago and it makes me feel really professional aha:) x

  3. L'occitane is absolutely fabulous - I can't recommend their products enough! They have such lovely scents too! I did a blog post all about L'occitane products on my blog. :) Great post, Josie! I've definitely been suffering from winter dryness as well.

  4. nice lipstick )

    Angela Donava

  5. I love the L'Occitane handcream, but hate the original smell of the full size ones you can actually buy in store (I too got my freebie from Marie Claire...the Mango one). As for the Fresh Lip Treatment...I am at a sad low state of this one. I bought it last time I was in Canada, and its barely left...but I am not giving up on it yet!

  6. Desperate to try the Fresh sugar lip treatments, they look amazing and sound like they all smell amazing too. I have a couple of small L'Occitane hand treatments and they are really nice - I hate hand moisturisers because I can't stand my hands feeling greasy but they are like scaly claws if I don't use anything! The L'Occitane ones are definitely some of the better ones I've tried.

  7. That's awesome that you got that L'Occitane hand cream as a magazine freebie, we don't get such nice freebies here! I got that Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment along with the original one but in the mini format as a birthday gift from Sephora but I really want to use up some of my lip balms before trying them!

  8. I absolutely love the fresh lip balm, the only downside is the price its so damn expensive!!

  9. I got the lip balm as a free gift from Sephora on my birthday and I love it! I really enjoy a tinted lip balm for rushed morning or lazy days


  10. I really want to get one of these sugar lip treatments! I hear everyone saying they're great :)


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