A Winter Treat

13 January 2013

I'd been eyeing up this shower oil for a good few months and taking a sniff every time I went past a L'Occitane stockist, when happily on December 25th Santa (aka mummy Owen) took the hint and popped this in my stocking. Christmas feels like forever ago now and I've been using this - albeit sparingly - for three weeks, so I thought it was about time to offer my thoughts.

First up, let me just stress that this is not something you need in your life. It's adored by many, but it's also £16.50 for something which you're literally pouring down the drain. This will never replace my everyday shower oil/gel/lotion, but sometimes it's nice to just have a little treat. I've been adding this to running water in my bath, rather than lathering in the shower and it works just fine. The smell is divine - I can't believe I just said that, but it really is. It's nicely sweet but with a hint of nuttiness to balance it away from sickly, which feels feminine but sophisticated - it foams nicely, and my skin feels so moisturised after using. I've yet to find another shower product which has left my skin so soft.

I was initially a little reluctant to use this for several reasons: 1) the price, 2) I didn't want to ever run out, and 3) because I have had an eczema flareup recently and didn't want to aggravate it due to the heavy fragrance within this product. Thankfully though, this has worked out just fine for me. I'm going to try my best to drag this oil out for at least a couple of months, so I might reduce my usage to just the weekends, but it really is a little luxury for this freezing winter season.


  1. Ooh wow that sounds so luxurious and lovely, perfect for a special gift too :)

    Sophierosehearts xx

  2. If only this wasn't so expensive I would buy it in a shot haha xxx

  3. This looks lovely! Definitely a luxury buy though ;D x


  4. Oh I'd love to try this, but it's so expensive! Hurry up pay day



  5. I've heard incredible reviews on this product! I need to try it out soon :)

  6. Oooo this looks gorgeous! I have only tried the Loccitane hand cream (due to the price) - but this looks like one I may have to purchase!


    Shelley x


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