29 January 2013

These lip laquers are all over the blogging world right now, but I love a bit of high street hype so I thought I'd join in. This review will be short and sweet, because I agree with the opinion of just about everyone else - Rimmel really knocked it out of the ball park this time.

Firstly, just wanna point out that I love the name! As a former theology student I'm all over anything apocalyptic. Secondly, look at those swatches. I'm of the opinion that the quality of the Rimmel offerings far outweighs the YSL. I find them much thicker, smoother and more pigmented. Shine wise, they're great too. I threw in the YSL stain for comparison, and you can see that the Rimmel offerings are much more opaque. I ordered Luna and Big Bang as part of the facebook pre-sale which Rimmel held, so I've been testing them out for a few days now, and for £5.99 a piece I really can't complain. The colour range is excellent, the consistency is great, and they give my pout the full colour, high shine that I've been longing for. The wear time is fine, and when the gloss fades you're left with a nice looking stain - I really had to scrub these off.

If I had to pick up on one little negative about the apocalips, then it would be the scent. I find it to be very overpowering and not to my taste, but hey, that's just me! I'd much rather put up with the scent than shell out for another of the YSL stains - although maybe I should give a darker shade a try and see how it works for me? In the mean time, I've got my eye on Galaxy and Nude Eclipse, although I'm not sure I've the heart to break my spending ban again...

Have you tried out the Rimmel Apocalips yet? Do you think they live up to the hype?


  1. the Rimmel ones are absolutely fantastic! x


  2. Ah! Thankyou for this post! I have been longing to try the YSL version of these...but couldn't manage to splurge. I have one of these Rimmel Apocalips and really do love it! I think I need (yes, need) Big Bang! I've done a review on my blog about the shade Stellar :)


  3. I love these, I bought two last week, celestial and galaxy :)
    Daniella x


  4. its amazing how the rimmel ones are alot better than the YSL, especially in the swatches above. I love the name too, Luna is on my wishlist, atm!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  5. Ahh I wanted Luna so badly, they had sold out everywhere here tho! Big bang looks amazing too! So many colours I want they are amazing! Definitely get galaxy, I got that one and it is sooooo pretty! :) xxx


  6. omg the red one looks absolutely stunning!! I can't wait to try them out :)


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  8. I haven't tried them yet I NEED to get my hands on the Big Bang colour, lots of people saying that they are dupe for the YSL... I hope they are as I love the YSL ones but they are out of my budget lol x

  9. i too want the apocalips lip glosses, the ysl looks good but the price tag is a little out of my league!

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  11. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    Just wanted to say this post is really great! I'm not much of a lip gloss/laquer person (I prefer good ol' lipstick) but those swatches are incredible and I'm definitely going to look into purchasing one!


  12. Love the ysl shade x


  13. Heya Josie!

    I've been dying to try these lip colours! I'm definitely going to purchase it soon :)

    Thanks again for stopping by my site, I've given yours a following :) Feel free to do the same !! Hehe

    Also you can find me on twitter @totallytamryn

    Chat soon
    Tam from totallytamryn.blogspot.com

  14. I've seen so many bloggers talk about these, and in the Observer magazine today, Sally Hughes said they were really good, so now I really want to try them! They look incredible...
    Katie xx


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