Nails: OPI Germany Collection

23 September 2012

OPI Germany Collection Polishes in (L-R): Berlin There Done That, Nein Nein Nein OK Fine and Don't Pretzel My Buttons - £11 each

Ahh it is lovely to be back blogging - although I am missing the sunshine, despite only being back from France for three days. I have (with sadness, but also a little bit of joy at the prospect of wearing layers and Christmas approaching) accepted the fact that autumn is well and truly here. Sunday's are generally my pampering day anyway, but given how miserable today's been there was nothing I'd rather do than sit and paint my nails in a nice autumnal shade.

I tend to avoid OPI Collections because they always seem really hit and miss, but when I saw the shade range in their 'Germany' collection I couldn't resist. Firstly, I love the theme and polish names because it reminds me of the German market they always had in November back at uni, and secondly because the colours are right up my street - lovely neutrals.

I initially just popped 'Nein Nein Nein OK Fine' and 'Berlin There Done That' in to my basket, but inevitably I couldn't avoid 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons', and this latter polish has quickly become my favourite. A combination of the three has been on my nails ever since they arrived, and I'm just in love. Nein Nein Nein is such a nice deep teal (a colour which I've been after for a while), and Berlin There is a really nice slate grey. I'm sure there are plenty of dupes out there for these two, but sometimes it's just lovely to treat yourself! Don't Pretzel My Buttons has actually overtaken Revlon's Grey Suede as my all time favourite polish...I'll definitely be popping a backup in my basket during my next Asos shop.

Other than the colours available in this collection - which you can probably tell by now I love - I can't get over how amazing the formulas of these polishes are. In the past I've found OPI polishes to need three coats and chip within a couple of days, but all three of these polishes take two coats each. On the chipping front, I put Don't Pretzel My Buttons on on the Saturday before I went to France, and got back the following Thursday with minimal chipping on the tips of my nails - impressive.

Overall I'm really pleased with my polishes, and something tells me a few more from the range will be making it in to my collection. Has anything in the Germany collection taken your fancy? What's your favourite autumn shade?


  1. Gorgeous, i love Berlin there done that!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Don't Pretzel My Buttons is such a pretty shade ! x

  3. Gorgeous colours! I love Don't Pretzel my Buttons :) xx

  4. hey! you've got the kreativ blog award from me :)


  5. These are all lovely colours:)

  6. I really love these colours! follow you now..maybe you want to watch out my blog!

  7. All three of the colours look lovely! I really like neutral nail polishes.


  8. Hey, I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I think your blog is awesome and you deserve more followers!
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