Skin Care: Etat Pur Micellar Water

22 July 2012

Despite everyones love for micellar waters, I'd never tried one until I heard about Etat Pur thanks to a post on the beauty shelf. I was (and still am) really happy with my cleanse and polish, but I was getting a bit sick of mascara stains on my muslin cloths so I was after something to remove eye make up seperately! I received a couple of moisturiser samples alongside the diddy micellar water which I thought was really cute and great for travelling with, but I've yet to try.

This is a fairly good eye makeup remover. It easily gets rid of my stubborn waterproof mascara - I just use a cotton pad on each eye and then wipe it off after ten seconds or so. It doesn't irritate my eye unless I accidentally tip about half the bottle on to the pad (yes I've done this), and then I have to blink it out a bit as it does sting! I've used this I'd say four times a week for probably a month now, but I'm barely a quarter of the way through the bottle so its lasting fairly well. For about 2 weeks I used this to take all of my makeup off, but my skin started breaking out as its a little bit addicted to Liz Earle, and also because this feels quite heavy so psychologically I was stressing that my skin wasn't clean (they do a lighter version which I'll definitely try next). This doesn't leave an oily film, but I just can't get past the thought that its not good for my skin because I feel like I'm literally wiping really thin oil all over my face. Its unscented, and basically it does the job of removing my eye makeup pretty well, but its not changed my life!

Have you tried anything from etat pur? I know that JolieBox have put some of their products in the July box so I'm looking forward to trying that out :)


  1. I've never tried any cleansing waters, they seem quite good though :) Great review! xx

  2. I received an Etat Pur face mask in my Joliebox so looking forward to testing it, but I hadn't heard of it until recently either
    Daniella x

  3. thanks for the link hun. The oil free moisturiser is really good. I use it as a makeup base (my skin is quite oily) and it seems to have helped balance it out xx


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