Mini Haul: Graduation Make Up (Chanel)

8 July 2012

I've never actually mentioned on my blog before, but I really love Chanel makeup - I wear their foundations and powder every day, as they're the perfect shade match for me, and I just really like the coverage. I'd never tried any of the colour products though! Last Thursday I was in my local Westfield, shopping for clothes for my graduation this week (on Friday 13th...Need I say more) when I decided I wanted to get some more 'mature' makeup too. My go to face is a slick of eyeliner, no shadow and a bold lip, so I wanted something that looked more natural for my graduation photos. I headed to the Chanel counter to see what I could find.

I was initially after a different eyeshadow duo (from the Summer 2012 collection, can't remember the name) but they didn't have it in stock, so I decided to pick this one up as I can do a really nice subtle smokey eye with it. I'm considering getting MAC's teddy liner to wear with the look too? As for the gloss, I wanted something that would give me a barely there slick of colour without being sticky, so I thought this one would be perfect. I'd heard so much about the Particuliere varnish and I'm such a fan of neutral nails (see my top 5 nudey polishes here) that this was my immediate choice - I can't wait to try it. Overall I think all of these purchases should (hopefully?) pull together to form a nice look. I'll post a picture of the look and fuller product reviews if I manage not to mess it up!

Once I mentioned that this makeup was for my graduation the assistant was lovely enough to give me this box full of samples. The mascara is actually my favourite and I'd been wanted to try the rouge coco shine's for ages (Boy was on my May Lust List) so I was really pleased!

Have you tried any Chanel products? What are your favourites?


  1. Lovely products :)! xx

  2. Such a pretty lip gloss color. I want to try one of their lip glosses. I just got a sample of their matte foundation and I'm in love with it and can't wait to buy the full size!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  3. You got some great products! I recently bought my first chanel blusher and bronzer and I am in love!!! I am dying to try out their foundations now :) Great lil haul and happy graduation!

  4. Great post- I love Chanel makeup too, these look like some great products. x

  5. I am literally dying with envy. I love Chanel makeup too, must be so nice to have a full-on haul of it all at once! Heaven! Haha.
    Mel x

  6. i dont have any chanel, maybe i should invest xx

  7. These look gorgeous & I adore the packaging! I just wish I could afford these for my graduation - which is the 19th! Good luck for yours :) xx

  8. I love Chanel aha!

  9. All the Chanel products look so luxurious! I really want to get some, I've onyl ever bought a nail polish and I loved it.
    Daniella x

  10. i think all chanel products are sooo pretty!
    such a good quality brand!

  11. When is your grad? How exciting! :) I'm about to graduate too!
    I have the same nail polish colour. It's amazing and definetly in my top faves!
    I also looove 503 Inattendu if you like neutral-naked nails. x



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