Hair Care: Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

7 July 2012

First up, apologies for being off the map for the last week or so. I've been changing jobs and moving house, but I'm 110% back in the blogging universe now!

Now, on to the review. I was gifted this by a friend recently after listening to me complain about my 'orange' (read: blonde) hair for the past few months. I've used a variety of purple shampoos in the past to counter my brassiness, but the Clynol one I'd been using was just too harsh and chemically to use regularly.

Being Lush, this shampoo is jampacked with lovely natural ingredients to keep the hair in tiptop condition including coconut oil, but with the added bonus of Violet Leaf Absolute to balance out blondes (as purple is the opposite to yellow on the colour spectrum, thus equaling a neutral shade).

Initially I absolutely loved this shampoo. It had a gorgeous citrusy scent, lathered really well, and seemed to do the job with evening out my locks. However, after about a fortnight's worth of use I went to get my highlights topped up, and my hairdresser pointed out that patches of my hair had taken on a distinctively bubblegum pink tint. And she was right. I have never ever had this sort of reaction to a purple shampoo before - I've gone a bit grey from overusing, but never pink! My hairdresser had to use a combination of bleach and a good clarifying shampoo to lift the pink out - awkwarddd.

So I guess, if you have naturally blonde hair and just wanted to go half a shade lighter, try this out. However, if, like mine, your hair is really damaged from processing etc, avoid this - unless you like the pink look that is?


  1. I love Lush shampoo:)

    1. I'm definitely interested in trying out a different one :) x

  2. oh wow, I'm sorry your hair became pink - although I'd love to see how it looks. I'm thinking of getting a baby pink ombre haha. x

  3. awww it's a shame it wasnt a success for u... ive used this before when my hair was blonder and it take the brass tones out of it but i guess a product doesnt suit everyone :/



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