Bubbles: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

24 July 2012

So I think we've established by now that I absolutely adore the comforter from Lush, and anything else bergamot scented. However, I'm trying to branch out, so I purchased this (alongside the comforter) because basically it has glitter. To my horror however when I looked up the ingredients in this after *randomly* selecting it in store, this has bergamot oil in it. I just can't get away from it...

The smell of this reminded me of sherbert dib dab's that I used to have as a child - actually had to google what that was! Basically its just really sweet and took me back to 1994 - that's probably the 'fizzy candy' ingredient they've put in it, whatever that is! On the picture on the Lush website this has loads of glitter, but in real life its barely there, and I didn't notice it at all in the bath so if you have a phobia of glittery skin don't be put off, but if your skin is really sensitive I'd avoid this.

This turns the bath quite a deep purpley blue colour - I almost felt like the water looked a bit mucky, until I realised they were going for a night sky colour. The fragrance isn't as long lasting as other bath bombs I've tried, but it still made the room smell absolutely delicious for a while! The fizz was standard Lush - it lasted for a decent amount of time, but there was no 'boom boom' in the middle :( my skin did feel a little more dry than usual after using, but that could've had something to do with falling asleep in the bath haha.

I probably would repurchase space girl because its good fun, but it still hasn't stolen the crown from my beloved comforter (or the similar scented blueberry bath bomb). What's your favourite Lush product? Have you tried space girl?

Skin Care: Liz Earle At Home

23 July 2012

Its no secret that I'm a massive fan of Liz Earle. One of the first posts I ever did on this blog was a review of the Cleanse and Polish and Instant Boost Skin Tonic that you can read here. Since then I've been regularly repurchasing those two items, and so when an e-mail dropped in to my inbox announcing Liz Earle At Home parties being available in my area I rang up and booked straight away. Last Wednesday, myself and ten guests gathered in my living room along with two of my local Liz Earle experts. I haven't got any pictures from the actual party as I didn't wanna offend anyone by whipping the camera out, but basically a very spa-like atmosphere was created in my front room! A white table cloth sat on my little table covered with every single Liz Earle skin product as well as a selection of their make up in the center of the room, and the scent of the products quickly filled the room.

My little sister had a full facial demonstrated on her, which involved using the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and some oils. As every product was applied to Dommie (check out her blog here) it was also passed around the room, so we gave ourselves mini facials and got to try everything out. Other products were passed round too - hand cream, treatment masks, etc. Every guest received 2 muslin cloths and a mini cleanse and polish to take home with them in a gorgeous Liz Earle bag, which I thought was a really nice touch as most of them hadn't tried anything by Liz Earle before! I was lucky enough to receive a full size cleanser, toner and moisturiser of my choice for hosting the party.

Initially a few of my guests were quite skeptical - they'd been to similar 'parties' before where products are forced on you, and you feel obliged to purchase. This was completely different though, it was made clear throughout that none of the staff were commission based, and and there was no pressure to purchase. As I'm such a massive fan though I ended up spending quite a bit on products I'd never tried until the party (5th photo), as I got the chance to test testing everything on my skin/hair etc to make sure I wasn't allergic, although I could've spent twice as much! I'll review the products individually once I've had chance to test them out properly. The delivery for any purchases made on the night was free to everyones home addresses, beautifully packaged as ever, and came with a free gift.

Basically I have nothing bad to say about my Liz Earle At Home experience - the staff were so friendly and helpful, and the products sell themselves. I know that both of my sisters are really keen to host parties for their friends now too, and I'll definitely be attending and enabling my addiction! You can find out more about hosting a party of your own here.

Skin Care: Etat Pur Micellar Water

22 July 2012

Despite everyones love for micellar waters, I'd never tried one until I heard about Etat Pur thanks to a post on the beauty shelf. I was (and still am) really happy with my cleanse and polish, but I was getting a bit sick of mascara stains on my muslin cloths so I was after something to remove eye make up seperately! I received a couple of moisturiser samples alongside the diddy micellar water which I thought was really cute and great for travelling with, but I've yet to try.

This is a fairly good eye makeup remover. It easily gets rid of my stubborn waterproof mascara - I just use a cotton pad on each eye and then wipe it off after ten seconds or so. It doesn't irritate my eye unless I accidentally tip about half the bottle on to the pad (yes I've done this), and then I have to blink it out a bit as it does sting! I've used this I'd say four times a week for probably a month now, but I'm barely a quarter of the way through the bottle so its lasting fairly well. For about 2 weeks I used this to take all of my makeup off, but my skin started breaking out as its a little bit addicted to Liz Earle, and also because this feels quite heavy so psychologically I was stressing that my skin wasn't clean (they do a lighter version which I'll definitely try next). This doesn't leave an oily film, but I just can't get past the thought that its not good for my skin because I feel like I'm literally wiping really thin oil all over my face. Its unscented, and basically it does the job of removing my eye makeup pretty well, but its not changed my life!

Have you tried anything from etat pur? I know that JolieBox have put some of their products in the July box so I'm looking forward to trying that out :)

Lust List: Five Under Fifty

21 July 2012

I usually find it a piece of cake to put together these lists, but July was a bit of a difficult one because I want about a million things and I'm broke! But anyway here we go:
I had a sample of this when it first launched and I really loved it – don't know why I never got round to purchasing the full size?

I'm still loving my Aveda treatment but I'm using it every time that I wash my hair, so I want something even more intense that I could sleep in on a Sunday night. Ojon are being raved about from all sides at the minute so I think its about time I give them a go!

3. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirifique - £23
I've been wearing a really neutral simple eye through the 'summer', but I think this will be perfect for creating a smoky eye on nights out or as a strong liner for autumn/winter.
Can't believe I would even consider paying £20 for a candle (let alone £38 for a full sized one) but these are just so hyped that I'm desperate to give them a go. I need some tranquility in my life/bedroom after a long day at work!

5.Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - £48
I bought a giant bottle of this when it was first launched but its finally run out :( so i definitely need to stock up.

Nails: OPI If You Moust You Moust

18 July 2012

I've had these pictures taken for about three weeks now (along with loads of others!) but as I only started my new job last Monday and graduated on Friday, things have been pretty busy. However I'm back on blogging form now so expect to see a few more posts this week!

Just gonna put it out there - I'm Disney's biggest fan. I've been to Disneyland about 20 times, love the films, think I'm a princess etc, so when I heard OPI were coming out with a range of Minnie Mouse inspired polishes I couldn't wait. I picked up if you moust you moust because my polish collection is missing a nice pink, although I've now got my eye on nothin' mousie 'bout it (I'll probably end up buying all four though)!

First up, this is a brighter pink than it looks in the pictures - its not mega bright, its just a nice shade. The wear time is only a couple of days before it starts chipping and it needs 2-3 coats to get a good even coverage but to be honest, I don't care! This polish finish is such a pretty colour - I've got this on my toes at the minute, but next time I change my polish it'll probably go back on my hands too. Its quite a creamy finish, I've put a gloss coat on it in the photos above, but think it might be quite nice with a matte top coat too? I was always going to love this polish purely because of my love for minnie mouse, and I'm probably gonna buy a back up too as its limited edition (although OPI limited edition collections seem to be available forever don't they?)

In other news, I'm having a Liz Earle at home party tonight which I'm really excited about :) so expect to see a post about that soon. Have you tried any of OPI's Minnie Mouse collection? What are your thoughts?

Jewellery: Crystal Bracelet

14 July 2012

(I've never actually done a jewellery post before but I might start including them more often as I've picked up some nice pieces lately!)

Yesterday was my graduation from university (I studied theology and religious studies at the University of Leeds), and despite insisting that I didn't want any celebrations, when I got home the house had been decked out with banners, there was a marquee up in the garden, and a chip van and ice cream van were parked up on my drive for dinner for guests! It was a lovely surprise, and in the end I was glad my family ignored my wishes :'). I was lucky enough to receive a stack of presents, cards, flowers and champagne from family and friends, and this was the gift that one of my sisters got for me. I just thought it was such an amazing idea that I had to post about it.

After listening to me go on about how great I thought Spencer from the Hills' crystal obsession was, Phillippa put together a bracelet for me of crystals which are relevant to my life at the moment, and probably for ever. The little note she put in explaining each stone was so thoughtful, and I found it really interesting to read. Citrine is actually my birth stone, which is even better! This pretty much hasn't left my wrist since I was given it. I also found out she made one with different stones for my grandma who has cancer, which I thought was really really sweet.

I know that she had this made up online and that it was fairly inexpensive, but unfortunately I can't give you the exactly link as it was a gift - however, I'm sure a bit of googling would lead you to a similar site! I just think that this is such a personal and meaningful gift and I wanted to share it with you all as I was so pleased.

Face: NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal & Natural

10 July 2012

A few years ago I found my HG blush..it was one of the old MAC cream formulas in the shade 'lilicent'. It was the only blush I've ever completely used up (my sister fell just as in love and between us we scraped the entire pan out), and I was heartbroken when I used it all up because it was discontinued :( Since then I've kind of given up on blusher and I'm all about the bronze - I hate powder finish blushers, the main reason I loved lilicent was the dewy finish and nothing else really compared! Until these baby's dropped through my door that is. I'd read online that NYX 'natural' was a dupe for lilicent, but I didn't realise that it was available in the UK until last week, when I hastily placed an order!

I picked up both of these shades because I love a nice nude/peachy blush and both of these are spot on. I'd say lilicent was (sobs) somewhere in between the two colour wise but they're both so gorgeous that I don't care! These are the perfect shades for me, and the formula is a dream to work with. They smooth right on to the skin and leave such a healthy glow, I literally have no complaints. Wear time is around the 6 hour mark, but that's not a problem for me as it takes me through the working day. The price is incredible too - such a bargain.

I'll definitely be picking up a few more of these and trying out some more daring shades. Seeing as I haven't tried anything else from the range, does anyone have any other NYX product recommendations?

Mini Haul: Graduation Make Up (Chanel)

8 July 2012

I've never actually mentioned on my blog before, but I really love Chanel makeup - I wear their foundations and powder every day, as they're the perfect shade match for me, and I just really like the coverage. I'd never tried any of the colour products though! Last Thursday I was in my local Westfield, shopping for clothes for my graduation this week (on Friday 13th...Need I say more) when I decided I wanted to get some more 'mature' makeup too. My go to face is a slick of eyeliner, no shadow and a bold lip, so I wanted something that looked more natural for my graduation photos. I headed to the Chanel counter to see what I could find.

I was initially after a different eyeshadow duo (from the Summer 2012 collection, can't remember the name) but they didn't have it in stock, so I decided to pick this one up as I can do a really nice subtle smokey eye with it. I'm considering getting MAC's teddy liner to wear with the look too? As for the gloss, I wanted something that would give me a barely there slick of colour without being sticky, so I thought this one would be perfect. I'd heard so much about the Particuliere varnish and I'm such a fan of neutral nails (see my top 5 nudey polishes here) that this was my immediate choice - I can't wait to try it. Overall I think all of these purchases should (hopefully?) pull together to form a nice look. I'll post a picture of the look and fuller product reviews if I manage not to mess it up!

Once I mentioned that this makeup was for my graduation the assistant was lovely enough to give me this box full of samples. The mascara is actually my favourite and I'd been wanted to try the rouge coco shine's for ages (Boy was on my May Lust List) so I was really pleased!

Have you tried any Chanel products? What are your favourites?

Hair Care: Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

7 July 2012

First up, apologies for being off the map for the last week or so. I've been changing jobs and moving house, but I'm 110% back in the blogging universe now!

Now, on to the review. I was gifted this by a friend recently after listening to me complain about my 'orange' (read: blonde) hair for the past few months. I've used a variety of purple shampoos in the past to counter my brassiness, but the Clynol one I'd been using was just too harsh and chemically to use regularly.

Being Lush, this shampoo is jampacked with lovely natural ingredients to keep the hair in tiptop condition including coconut oil, but with the added bonus of Violet Leaf Absolute to balance out blondes (as purple is the opposite to yellow on the colour spectrum, thus equaling a neutral shade).

Initially I absolutely loved this shampoo. It had a gorgeous citrusy scent, lathered really well, and seemed to do the job with evening out my locks. However, after about a fortnight's worth of use I went to get my highlights topped up, and my hairdresser pointed out that patches of my hair had taken on a distinctively bubblegum pink tint. And she was right. I have never ever had this sort of reaction to a purple shampoo before - I've gone a bit grey from overusing, but never pink! My hairdresser had to use a combination of bleach and a good clarifying shampoo to lift the pink out - awkwarddd.

So I guess, if you have naturally blonde hair and just wanted to go half a shade lighter, try this out. However, if, like mine, your hair is really damaged from processing etc, avoid this - unless you like the pink look that is?