Skin Care: La Roche-Posay Effacler H Compensating Soothing Moisturiser

19 June 2012

This is my 'emergency moisturiser' for when I've had an allergic reaction (like I did recently to an Avene SPF and the Liz Earle skin tint). It's designed for oily skin which is damaged due to acne treatments, but I find that this is ideal for calming my skin down after one of my all too common reactions!

The reason that this isn't my day to day moisturiser is that its just too moisturising for my combination, acne prone skin. The consistency is really quite thick, and it does have the tendency to 'sit' on the skin for about ten minutes before it settles in. That's not a problem for me, because I apply my make-up about half an hour after my skin care, but if you needed something you can just apply and go, this wouldn't be for you. Also, I have noticed that after more than a weeks constant use, I start to get some tiny red bumps on my face. I don't know if this is clogging my pores, because that's not how my skin usually reacts?

This all sounds quite negative, but I really think that if you had the sort of skin this product is aimed at (oily skin which is really dry, for example because of medication) then this would be perfect. I had my reaction to the Liz Earle on the Friday night (my cheek was literally burning) and by Sunday morning my skin was back to normal, thanks to this product and nothing else - so it does what it says on the tin basically!

I'm still on the hunt for my perfect moisturiser, but I'll definitely keep a tube of this for when my skin is in a bit of a state. Can anyone recommend an every-day product for my sensitive, combination skin? 


  1. Sounds interesting, I really want to try some La Roche-Posay, think I'll pick some up next time i'm in boots! As for sensitive, combination skin, have you tried REN? I always find their products really calm my skin, and don't cause that congested skin feeling like you describe with the LRP. x

    Holly's Beauty Review

    1. I've never tried them no! I've just googled them it looks very tempting ha xx


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