Nails: Illamasqua Naked Strangers

2 June 2012

I never ever get excited about makeup collections. I always find them unwearable, as all I ever really like makeup wise is a smokey eye or to be very neutral. However, as soon as I saw the promo pics for Illamasqua's summer collection 'Naked Strangers' I knew that I'd be all over that bad boy. I instantly wanted everything, but refrained. However, my package included some 15% off vouchers, so I'll probably end up buying a couple more bits! I picked up two of the three cheekily named nail polishes, 'monogamous' a milky pale nudey pink (looong description) and 'swinger', the perfect gold.
When I initially put monogamous on my nails I was really disappointed. One coat was really sheer and patchy and two coats looked a bit gross and gloopy. However, after four attempts I finally managed to get this to a look that I liked. It does dry matte, which isn't normally my thing, but it is a really pretty colour so if you've got patience give it a go!
On the other hand, I 100% couldn't love swinger any more if I tried. I don't own any other polish like it - its glittery, but a smooth one coat finish (this is only one coat in the picture). Such a pretty shade, but I'll definitely be saving this for festivities as its very full on!
To get over my initial disappointment with monogamous I created this nail art - sort of a gradient effect, I'd just dabbed swinger on top of one coat with a cotton bud. I think its really pretty and wearable and actually quick and easy too!

All in all I kind of wish I'd got the nude lipgloss or cream blusher instead of monogamous because I do think there are a fair few dupes out there which are a lot cheaper, but I love the combination of the two polishes together and everything that Naked Strangers stands for.

These polishes are available from Illamasqua priced £13.50 each.


  1. I can't wait to buy something from that collection! I keep looking at it online!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. Love the nail art! x

  3. wow that gold is beautiful

  4. These colours are beautiful!

  5. I have been looking for this blog post for ages, didnt realise it your blog. Love the duo look so much :) x


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