Monday Weigh In: Week 1

25 June 2012

Firstly I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for their supportive comments last week, it was so nice and unexpected!

Bit of a disappointing result this week: my weight hasn't changed :(

I know exactly why though - although I went to the gym a few times which was good, my eating side was absolutely rubbish. I snacked most days, and just ate rubbish processed food. So this week, I'm going to challenge myself to cut out completely crisps, and cook a balanced, healthy evening meal every evening. Crisps are my biggest weakness, and after a hard day at work I'm always tempted to just order in or stick a pizza in the oven, so hopefully this should help me to make more sensible food choices!

Hope you all have a lovely week and fingers crossed I'll see some results next Monday.


  1. good luck, once you start to loose weight i found it just keeps going! xo

  2. Crisps are my biggest weakness too :( good luck!! just keep being motivated and it should pay off :) xx

  3. I always find that if I do exercise but don't diet then it doesn't make any difference! It's the food that really makes the difference, I thing.
    Chocolate is my weakness, I always crave it in the evenings!
    Mel x

  4. Hello! As a fellow beauty blogger (and personal trainer) let me tell you that diet is 70% related to your weight. Exercise is great and you should definitely do it but it only contributes the other 30%. Your exercise regimen should consist of cardio and weights (don't worry you won't bulk up to Strongman standard). Weights burn more calories than cardio (if done for the same time). Circuits are good! Hope that helps! x


Thank you for all of your comments - I read and appreciate every one :)