Lips: No7 Nourishing Lip Shine

24 June 2012

I saw the tester for this in my local Boots a couple of weeks ago and instantly wanted it because it reminded me so much of the Clarins Lip Perfector (has this been replaced with the moisture balm now?) that everyone loves. I went so far as to ask if they had any hidden at the counter - normally I daren't speak to sales advisors - but they told me it wouldn't be in stock until July :( when I was in the Boots in Westfield I saw that they had three left in the pink shade, so I snapped one up.

Firstly, I should probably say that I used a combination of my friends 25% store discount and a £5 No7 voucher, so this only ended up costing me about £3. If I'd have paid full price, or even £5.50, I'd have been absolutely gutted. Although when I finally got this out of the tube and on to my lips I really liked it (it's a pretty shade of baby pink, quite sheer and moisturising and isn't sticky at all!) but its SO much effort to get out of the tube that I've pretty much given up on it.

I'm still tempted to pick up a peach version of this and just use a lip brush to apply this, but only if No7 run the £5 off vouchers again. Otherwise, I'd rather just spend the extra fiver and pick up the Clarins version!


  1. heard about this being the dupe for the clarins one, its a pity its so hard to get out of the tube! xo

  2. Been trying to get my hands on these, but my boots has sold out!x

  3. I love the colour, & the packaging is so cute! xx

  4. Beautiful colour!

  5. What a beautiful colour. I am loving wearing coral colours this summer! Will have to check this one out.
    - Keyta x


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