Lips: Gold by Giles Pink Lip Gloss

27 June 2012

I picked this up at the last minute, New Look have cleverly put all of their cheap beauty items by the till and I was tempted by everything! The name of this is a bit deceiving, its a very pretty corally shade of pink. For £1.99 (+ I get student discount and had a credit note) I thought I couldn't really go wrong.

First up, the applicator of this is with a brush like the touche eclat, which I don't really get? I found it to be quite imprecise, but as it's a fairly sheer gloss it didn't really bother me. Second, this is really sticky. Sticky lipglosses don't normally bother me, but this is just a bit extreme. Consistency wise it's really thick and a bit gloopy, but despite all this, I actually prefer it to the No7 gloss which retails for £10.50 that I reviewed last week!

This has a really nice scent (a bit vanillary) and it does give the lips a nice glossy look. At the end of the day, this is a really reasonably priced product, it doesn't make any amazing claims - it gives you a nice pout, and I really like to layer this my coral YSL lipstick.


  1. I really liked the look of the eyeshadow palettes from the same range but always forget to look for them in New Look - thanks for reminding me :) that lipgloss is such a nice colour, shame about the formula xx

  2. Not a fan of lipglosses but this colour is lovely!

  3. Looks pretty but i can't deal with stickiness either! Useful post :) x


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